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We Make It Simple, Easy and Safe to do

Photo Shoots, Video Shoots or just live out

your fantasies and have a great time!









1.  STD testing required for video shoots



2.  Full Covid vaccination required for everyone



3.  Superior quality photos and videos for 

models and ladies doing OnlyFans



4.  Privacy and Discretion - If you are a married

or single woman just wanting to fulfill fantasies

and have a great experience, your video can

only be seen on our members-only OnlyFans

page. It will never be out in the public view!

I absolutely, positively love and adore women.  I cherish them, and believe 

every woman deserves to be desired, well taken care of and to have the 

opportunity to fulfill her fantasies and be treated to a powerful, life 

changing experience that will make her feel SO good about herself 

and feel like a loved, desired, absolutely beautiful woman.

I'm Jeff Harder, of Tacoma, Washington, and this is why I give the chance to 

have an incredible, thrilling erotic experience to virtually any woman, not 

just girls and women wanting to do OnlyFans.  It doesn't matter if you are 

married or single, whether you're a Mom, whether you're thin, athletic, or 

have a Mom bod.  What matters is what you want, what you need, what 

you'd like to experience with us - I'm here to make it happen!


OnlyFans is a private adult social media site that allows you to earn much more profit from your modeling and video work than you could find in the mainstream world.  For ambitious, business minded women, it's literally perfect!  You earn long term profits from your work, and a LOT more money than you could from a one time payment shoot.

And when you partner with a fellow content creator who has the training and experience

to produce very highly quality content, you are able to just blow away your competition and make a lot more money than you could on your own!  Best of all, you are in

business for yourself and control your content, which is not viewable by the public. 

Only your paying fans see your photos and videos - hence the site name, "OnlyFans."

We are OnlyFans Content Creators, and we partner with other Content Creators to 

produce hot, very high quality photos and videos that will be valuable to all of us. 

We are NOT a "company" that gives you a one time fee as payment.  We WORK

WITH YOU to help you become more successful.  What could be better?

So whether you are here to do OnlyFans Glamour, Nudes and/or Video, or just

have a fun, discreet experience, I would love to make it happen for you! 


I'm a highly experienced video director, photographer and porn star, but above all a

real lover of women.  I no longer do commercial adult videos and am now an OnlyFans 

content creator.  OnlyFans is a very private, members-only adult social media 

platform where only YOUR paid members can find you and see your material.

OnlyFans is literally THE perfect way to do modeling, porn or fantasy fulfillment,  because

your videos will never be posted publicly and seen by everyone.  It's MUCH more private.  

If you want to make money on OnlyFans, it is a far better option than commercial porn.


You can easily earn a good living by being in business for yourself on OnlyFans.  It's

common for women to earn $2,000 to $5,000 per month.  I personally know a woman

earning over $200,000 per year!  I not only help you with the content you need, but also

the training, education and support you need to succeed!

Are you already a Content Creator?  I have found that a lot of female content creators

show no interest at all in doing Content Shoots, because "I make all my own content."


My question is, "Don't you want to do better and be better?"  When all you're capable

of is amateurish, poorly lit and produced content, it only makes sense to have

the ability to provide your fans with well produced, well lit and well shot content,

especially the kind of content we can help you make.  Your income will increase as a

result, and you will learn a lot about production and a whole lot morel

Going into business on OnlyFans and other adult social platforms is a very fun and

highly lucrative experience.  Whether your want to do Glamour and Nudes, or add in

incredibly valuable videos that will exponentially increase your income,

we are here to help you!  The content you earn shooting with us will set you apart

from the competition and earn you a lot of money!  There are some important

considerations you need to follow, though, to ensure you can do your business privately and very successfully - and have fun too!













And we're not all about business!  I absolutely love women

and helping them have an incredible experience.  Are you

single and bored or married and looking for discreet fun 

while safely living our your wildest fantasies? 











Do you want to have sex with a woman, do a threesome, be

submissive to a group on camera or be spoiled with a Swedish

and Sensual Massage session?  I can make it happen for you!

You don't have to be perfect or model material.  I love spoiling 

real married and single women.  It's easy, fun and awesome

experience you will never forget and always be glad you enjoyed.

You just need to be shaved or waxed bare (no pubic hair at all), 

STD free (with proof, like our models), be fully Covid vaccinated 

and ready to cut loose and have fun!  Go to the Application Page 

to apply discreetly, without obligation, or read on to learn more.


Whether you are a young, fit model or an average

married or single woman, we would love to show you a

good time, help you succeed or just discreetly

fulfill your fantasies.  Every woman is beautiful!


Done right, OnlyFans is a great, safe way for you to earn long term income, as well as 

enjoy exponential growth as your fan base grows, recurring memberships come in and 

video views go up.  There is a lot of work involved, to include fan engagement, daily 

posting (like you would on regular social media), marketing (getting people to your 

OnlyFans page) and more.  You are running a business, after all.  A lot of effort

must go into it, and you need to be knowledgeable about everything as well.

Don't fall for the "take the money and run" of one time payment shoots.  You won't make

much money, there isn't much work available, and the people giving you those one time payments will make a LOT of money from your work.  Shouldn't you be in that position?

We are here to help you make that a reality!


YOU choose what you want to do!  Sex Videos are immensely popular on OnlyFans and will generate a LOT of money for you.  But if you are only comfortable doing Glamour and Nudes, that's fine too.  We are here to help you do well and have a lot of fun in the process!

If you were to start off doing Glamour and Nudes, then later graduate into doing videos, that's great!  But if all you are comfortable doing is the tamer stuff, we can certainly keep doing that.  We are good people who care about you and your success, and we will never ask

you to do anything you're not ready for.  Consent is very important to all of us!


Sex Videos easily account for more than 50% of the income of successful OnlyFans

Content Creators.  These videos are only viewable on the OnlyFans platform, by your paying fans, and are not publicly viewable or shareable.  So you're NOT a porn star!


In fact, the draw of OnlyFans is that fans are able to follow and get to know REAL women,

not porn stars.  And when these real women provide hot videos for fans to pay to watch,

they really get into that and will spend a lot of money to watch you have fun.  I know, many women are married or have boyfriends, and want to do nothing with males - but that is

what your fans want to see the most.  So, what's the answer to this conundrum?  

Perspective and awareness.  In the mainstream adult industry, successful women realize they are working and creating commercial content when they do sex scenes.  It's work, not at all personal, and no threat to their real life relationships.  Sure, doing sex scenes is physically pleasurable, often very much so - but still, it's all work, not personal in any way.

When models realize this is when new doors to success fly open for them!  And when we shoot videos, we are shooting very positive images of sexuality, which is a great thing not only for fans to watch, but for all of us to experience.  It's healthy, fun stuff!

Please click the links below to further explore our web site.  We'd love to receive your application and get you started right away!  Thanks,

Jeff Harder