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It's Time To Become A Content Creator!

Are you a model or Content Creator, or do you want to become one?  There are a number of different opportunities out there for you.  I'm Jeff Harder, from Tacoma, Washington.  I am a former professional adult video producer, director and performer, now specializing in online content creation and helping other creators achieve success and make more money.  My group of creators and I work WITH YOU to help you do well, versus just paying you a one time fee and keeping all the rights to the material you appeared in. Here are the different paths you can follow and information on each:












































































































































































Exponential Growth!

Exponential Growth is something that is sought out and valued by educated people in the business world.  Basically speaking, exponential growth is a business situation where your business experiences compounding growth, in both terms of customers and income.  Each month you're in business, your customer base grows, as does your income.


Your Success Depends On How Hard You Work, How Well You Do With

Engagement and Marketing, and The Quality and Variety of Your Content.


Let's say you start out with a page that charges $10 per month for membership.  


First month: 100 followers, $10 each = $1000, $800 after the 20% fee.

Second month: 250 followers, $10 each = $2500, $2000 after the 20% fee.

Third month:  400 followers, $10 each = $4000, $3200 after the 20% fee.

Fourth month:  600 followers, $10 each = $6000, $4800 after the 20% fee.

Fifth month:  800 followers, $10 each = $8000, $6400 after the 20% fee.

Sixth month:  1000 followers, $10 each = $10000, $8000 after the 20% fee.

















See how it works?

Memberships are set to auto renew.  If you are posting regularly, doing effective engagement and your content is high quality (not the low quality stuff most women publish), it's easy to grow your fan base and experience more and more exponential growth. If you do it right and get the help you need with content, you could reach and retain thousands of fans, 

Fans especially love explicit sex videos and will pay $25, $50 or even more to see your videos.  But you can't just set up a camera and record high quality videos at home.  You need real, very high quality videos, shot with high end studio lighting and HD cameras in a nice location.  Shot by a seasoned pro with the knowledge and skills to help you create video that will set you apart and make you great $$$.


That's what I do for you - help you create great quality, valuable content that will help you achieve your highest level of success!  Add in savvy marketing and customer engagement skills, which I teach you, and you are on the road to success!  

Fans pay separately to watch videos.  Let's say you charge $25 per video.

10 video views = $250, $200 after the 20% fee.

25 video views = $625, $500 after the 20% fee.

50 video views = $1250, $1000 after the 20% fee.

100 video views = $2500, $2000 after the 20% fee.

250 video views = $6250, $5000 after the 20% fee.

500 video views = $12,500, $10,000 after the 20% fee.


Videos Substantially Increase Your Income -

And Keep Your Fans Subscribed!


Many women do their own pages and shoot their own content, and honestly, it shows in their low quality photos and videos, their marketing and their engagements.  There's a very successful and educated way to do this, and there's the purely amateur way, which will limit your success. 


We are on your side, working with you and helping you in this venture, and will teach you everything you need to know.


I pay for all the costs of our shoots.


The only cost to you is your time.  Our shoots are fun, safe, and and shot in "Reality" style, meaning no fake acting, etc.  It's a lot of fun!

We start shoots with Glamour and Nude photos and videos, and  follow with explicit sex videos, which bring in the really big money online.  What you do or don't do is totally up to you.  Your Consent and Comfort are very important!  If you are not ready to do full sex on video, we can make your interactions with us much more tame.  We want you to feel safe and have fun!   


I want you to succeed and have fun, and am very accepting of most types of women.  I don't care if you are married, single, thin or have a Mom Bod.  I just want you to have a great experience modeling and doing videos.  It's all about you, positive experiences and doing as well as you can.  All I ask is that you be shaved or waxed bare (no pubic hair), STD free, have a Big Smile on your face when you show up, and be ready to have fun making really high quality content!


Quite a few women work part time as freelance models, some doing strictly clothed work, others doing glamour, some doing nude or explicit work - and some doing it all.  It's not hard to get into this by listing yourself on ModelMayhem and SexyJobs, as well as promoting yourself on Instagram. Most 

of the work, however, is with amateur and hobbyist photographers who either don't pay models or pay low rates.  There's not a lot of work available and you won't make much money.

A good route to take if you just want to have some fun and are not ambitious. 


I've been an employer on the SexyJobs web site for 10 years, and can tell you in all honesty that 

there are legions of women who think they want to do porn.  There are dozens of new listings 

every day, and thousands of listings in total.  Yet over 95% of the women who create listings on

SexyJobs vanish from the site and never log in again, usually after just a few weeks.  Why?


The porn industry is just a shadow of its former self.  There are fewer companies, far fewer productions, pay is low and there are very few opportunities for women to become porn stars.

It's a highly competitive industry.  Most women who want to do porn never get a chance.  Of 

those who do, most find that work offers vanish after they've done just a few videos.  Why?

There are MANY more women wanting to do porn than there are available shoots.  Producers LOVE 

"fresh faces," and when you're not fresh anymore, you're gone.  There are 30 or fewer women 

who actually are porn stars and do long term work.  Yes, it's highly competitive.

If you do any professional porn at all, you should fully expect that everyone you know will 

eventually find out what you did and will see your videos.  Pro porn is forever, videos wind 

up on free sites, and it never goes away.

A very difficult route to take, with few opportunities and lots of consequences.


Porn Star - Not Recommended! 


Content Creation Is The Way To Go!


My name is Jeff Harder.  I live in Tacoma, Washington, and used to produce, direct and

star in a line of very high quality adult videos for my former company, Allure Pictures. 

Like everyone else, I paid women a flat, one time fee. Models would earn $500 to $1000, 

typically, while I'd earn many thousands of dollars over time - just like all producers do. 


I no longer produce commercial adult videos.  I am now an Online Content Creator, meaning

I DO NOT PAY MODELS a one time fee. Instead, my models and I work WITH 

female content creators and help them to earn long time revenue, just like producers do.

The pay you earn is in CONTENT RIGHTS, which are incredibly valuable!

Again, I am a content creator.  Your pay is in content rights.

So what's an Online Content Creator?  Content Creators are people who produce, own and control

rights to their own content, earning long term, continuing income via private, members only 

adult social media sites like OnlyFans and Fansly, as well as sites like ManyVids, etc. 

You are the production company, and YOU earn long term, recurring income,

versus just being paid once as a model.


Imagine earning $2000, $5000, even $10,000 per month or more - that's the reality of being a successful Content Creator.  It's SO much better than just being paid a few hundred 

dollars and never again seeing money from your work.  You are in business for yourself!

EXPONENTIAL GROWTH occurs in business when the number of paying clients multiplies every month, creating a revenue stream that is constantly multiplying itself and growing. EXPONENTIAL GROWTH 

is what's waiting for you if you are ambitious and ready to accept the help you need to succeed!

I Help You Succeed In A Number Of Ways!


1.  Content Shoots: We get together to shoot very high quality photos and videos 

that will make us all a lot of money.  If you participate, you get shared rights to 

everything you appear in.  I shoot in nice locations and use the best, most expensive 

studio lighting on the market, as well as HD cameras. My shoots are safe and fun, 

and you earn rights to awesome content you could never make on your own.

2.  Marketing: I teach you how to create a stage name (alias) and market your Online 

Content safely, through various social media platforms.  Done right, you maintain 

your privacy and can do your online work with very minimal risk.

3.  Engagement: Online content fans pay a subscription fee and keep their rebill on if you 

are good with engagement and keep them interested in you.  How you engage plays a 

big role in all of this, which results in exponential growth and recurring income.

4.  Legal: One thing no one else will teach you about is the legal considerations of adult 

entertainment.  I will, so you don't inadvertently get yourself into trouble.


Best of all, you don't work for me - WE WORK TOGETHER!


I pay all the costs of shoots and you never pay me a penny. 

You control your content and are paid directly by your online platforms.

What could be better?

  Content Creator - HIGHLY Recommended! 

Kelly Lee, Alecia Knight and Me in "Swami MD"


My 12 years experience in the Adult Film & Photography Business will help give you the knowledge and skills you need to truly succeed at the highest levels possible. What could possibly be better than Learning From A Pro?  We shoot in a fun, amateur / reality style, meaning the work we do is very real and highly engaging, as well as fun - it's the kind of content your fans will absolutely love and keep them coming back for more - meaning more money for you!

What you do is up to you!  While the big money makers on private, online platforms (like OnlyFans, Fansly, etc.) are explicit sex videos, I understand not everyone is comfortable jumping right into this kind of content.  You can start out doing Glamour and Nudes, and we can modify what you do in videos so that you're within your comfort zone (think nipple sucking, caressing, etc., without full on sex).  It is important to remember that platforms like OnlyFans require creators to participate in the material they post.  So both you and our models at the shoot appear in videos we shoot, so we can all use and earn from the material.   Ultimately, though, your comfort and consent are important.  You start out doing what you are comfortable doing!

AprilCali (2).jpg

My friend April earned over $200,000 in her first year as a Content Creator!

Income potential is absolutely incredible.  BUT you have to know what you're doing, post great quality content, be skilled at engagement and work hard.  Many women make as much as April, if not more.  If 

you are fully committed, ambitious and business minded, you can do it too - and I will help you!

Follow April on Instagram

I use HD cameras and light our scenes with Aputure Light Storm C300d Mark II LED Video Lighting.  This lighting costs nearly $4000 and is used by mainstream Hollywood production companies when shooting on location.  Shoot your content with me and you will wind up with incredible, money making content!


You Will Have A Lot Of Fun!


My friend Emily had the time of her life when she

did her first nude and adult shoot with me.


You will, too! My shoots are professional, with nice sets, 

studio lighting, HD cameras and very professionally shot, 

yet still amateur photos and videos.  I shoot in "reality

style," meaning we're essentially shooting live action

style, with lots of playing to the camera.  It's so much fun! 


We are here to help you succeed, as well as have a great time.

You don't have to go it alone!

Are You Worried About Exposure?


Online Content on adult social media pages is not indexed by

search engines and does not show up on free sites.  Only

your paid fans see your material.  It's the opposite of

commercial porn, where it's a virtual guarantee everyone

will find out about your work.


You Make A Lot More Money, have a lot of fun, keep making

money, and are in business for yourself.  There's nothing better!


My longtime friend Emily did her first adult shoot with me and had the time of her life!  This is Emily's pre-shoot "interview," which gives you a great idea of how we shoot.  Our videos are done in a very fun and engaging Reality Style. 

If you'd like to see me in action on video, visit the Massage Sessions page.









1.  STD testing required for video shoots*

* NOT required for photo shoot only models  


2.  Full Covid vaccination required for everyone

3.  Female models must be Shaved or Waxed Bare

 (no pubic hair)


4.  Superior quality photos and videos for 

models and ladies doing OnlyFans or 

other adult content outlets.  

pay for all the costs of our fun and 

profitable shoots, and you earn rights 

to all the very high quality photos 

and videos that you appear in.



5.  Privacy and Discretion - Doing Online Content Creation 

is the perfect way for you to find

success and have fun!  You're your own boss, and

your material will be very private and safe, versus

the exploitation that happens in commercial

porn.  Go commercial and everyone you know 

will know what you did.  That's just a fact.


Do You Want To Be Paid ONCE,


Here is the process to get started:


1. Submit An Application and Screening Photos***

*** I cannot engage in extended conversations with those who haven't applied, as 

I just don't have the time to do so, much less try to keep track of messages 

on 5 or more internet platforms.  Please apply so we can move forward.  Thanks!


2. I get in touch and we get acquainted and build trust.


3.  You are scheduled for your first shoot.


4.  You shave or wax all your pubic hair, get your STD 

screen done and get fully Covid vaccinated.


5.  You arrive on time at your shoot, with proof of your STD 

screen and Covid vaccinations, as well as two forms of 

Government ID and a selection of lingerie and sexy outfits. 

Everyone signs a Content Rights Share Agreement.


6.  We spend time getting acquainted and comfortable.


7.  I provide education about modeling, performing on video, 

production methods, marketing your OnlyFans and more. 

Bring a notebook and pen!


8.  We do a glamour and nude photo shoot.  If this is all you are 

participating in, you can then leave, or stick around to watch 

and perhaps help out in the video shoot that follows.  


9. We do video shoots.  What we do depends entirely on what 

everyone has agreed upon.  But it's not complicated and it's 

best not to overthink or worry.  We're not talking about 

relationships here.  We just get naked, have fun and 

make great, high quality content that makes us a lot of money!


10.  After the shoot you get your content (if you brought an SD card), or 

(preferred) you download it later from a secure online storage site.


11.  I follow up with helping you, as needed, and invite you to further 

shoots.  More Content = More Money!  


You're your own boss, and I help you succeed!


Are You Too Young or Shy to do a Photo or Video Shoot? 


You can come to a shoot as a Production Assistant, helping out 

on set and shooting video and photos, with my direction and 

assistance.  With our reality style and engagement, Production 

Assistants interact verbally a lot with the models when we shoot 

video.  PAs work in the nude because of this and at times will 

be in a shot, so being naked is an important thing for PAs.

Production Assistants frequently wind up wanting to participate 

sexually on camera.  If you think that's a possibility for you, be 

sure to have your STD screen available so we can do it.

You will learn a LOT about camera work and production, and 

have a great time!  If you're interested, complete a model 

application and we will get back to you soon!