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Are you looking to model, do videos and make the most money possible?  

Or maybe just have fun without becoming a model?

We would love to help you! 

In today's modeling and video industry you have 2 choices:

1.  Take one time payment shoots, facing a lot of competition and earning very little money


2.  Make your own content, market it online and make lots of money for years to come.

Which sounds better to you?  Earning small amounts of money infrequently, or earning money over and
over, for as long as you want to?  We want to help you do just that!

I'm Jeff Harder, from Tacoma, WA.  As a former production company owner, I can tell you there's
nothing better than to 

We help women empower themselves, be the best they can be, earn as much money as possible 
and avoid the trap of one time payment shoots.  Why be taken advantage of?  It's always better 
to be smart, ambitious and do the very best you can.  We're here to help you! 

We do Content Shoots for OnlyFans and other online platforms, allowing you to own high quality content,
market it yourself and earn money for years to come.  There is nothing better than owning content!

Best Of All, YOU Decide What You'd
Like To Do, and We Help You!

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So What About OnlyFans and Other Adult Platforms?

OnlyFans is a private platform, meaning only your paying fans see your content - hence the name
"OnlyFans."  One time payment shoots (if you're fortunate enough to get any) will result in you being paid
$400 to $800, and you'll never see a penny more of the revenue generated by that video.

 exploded in popularity when the Coronavirus pandemic hit, allowing porn stars,
models and everyday women to make a good, sometimes unbelievable living by creating their
own content and selling it online.  Some women are 
earning thousands of dollar per month, with
the best of them earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.  The potential is enormous!

One time payment shoots (if you get any) will result in you being paid
$400 to $800 for adult work,
and much less for other work.  You'll never see a penny more of the revenue generated by that shoot.

  With OnlyFans you are in control of your content and you can make money
from it
literally forever - a LOT more than you can make in one time payment shoots!

So How Would I Help You In This Venture?

1.  CONTENT SHOOTS: Content is king, and I'm a seasoned professional. 
We do professional quality content shoots with you, using very high end studio 
lighting, 4K HD video cameras and more.  We do "reality" style work, 
which is what really sells on OnlyFans and similar platforms.  Your content 
will literally blow away the amateurish content of your competition!  And 
best of all, producing and owning this content will
cost you nothing!

EDUCATION: Most women do poorly on OnlyFans and similar platforms because they don't
know what they're doing.  Their content is homemade, low quality, and they don't have much of it. 
They don't know how to attract paying fans to their page, much less keep them engaged and loyal.
Most really don't know what they are doing when it comes to modeling and performing, either. 

You are running a business when you have an OnlyFans page, and will will teach you
everything you need to know to succeed and give you continuing support.  You do not have
to go it alone.  
We are on your side and are here to help!

How Much Can You Earn On OnlyFans and similar platforms?

That depends entirely on you.  If you are dedicated, have a charismatic personality, participate 
in content shoots with us and follow our advice, you should at least be able to make a good living. 
Many women earn
3-5K or more per month.  I know women who make $100,000 and even $200,000
per year, and have read about others who are earning up to $500,000 per month! 

I am just getting started on OnlyFans and am earning around $2000 per month, even though I have
done little marketing for the page.  I 
only have content from ONE SHOOT  on my SeattleGirlsGoneWild
page at OnlyFans, yet the money keeps rolling in, month after month.

Not bad for having little content and not putting in hardly any effort!

If you are ambitious, smart and dedicated, the sky really is the limit!

Do I Have To Do Porn To Shoot With You?


You do what you are comfortable with.  If all you want to do is glamour and nudes, that's perfectly
fine with us.  We fully believe in consent and will never ask you to do anything you don't want to.

Remember, you're not working for us,
 we are working together! 

That being said, 
SEX SELLS, and it's sex content that generates the biggest money - so if you 
start with glamour and nudes and then want to do more, that's fine and we'll take care of you.  
If you never want to do more, that's fine too.  We'd still love to help you!

You Earn Money Directly From OnlyFans - Not From Us!

You will have your own OnlyFans Account (and similar platforms, if you like) and you'll be paid directly
via direct deposit, not by us. There's no need to worry about being "ripped off."

What If I Want A One Time Payment?

If you are someone we are really excited about shooting with we may consider a one time payment,
but you'll not earn any content rights.  Your payment could be anywhere from $250 and $600. 
The exact amount will depend upon the particular shoot's budget. 

We will discuss payment amount during negotiations, as shoot budgets vary and we do not
have any set "rates" for amateur and inexperienced models.

What About Privacy?  Will my family and friends find out?

When I did commercial porn the answer was always YES, because commercial porn winds up all over the place, including on "free" sites.  The same is NOT TRUE of OnlyFans.  Since only your paying fans can see your material, yet not download it, you're actually engaging in a very private way to do adult material.

If you do someday decide to leave your adult work behind, hit 
at OnlyFans and any nudes or porn you've done are gone!  You absolutely, positively
cannot do that with commercial porn.  Production companies own the rights and the
material from those one time payment shoots with never go away.  Never!

So, Are Ready To Make $$$ Or Just Fulfill Your Fantasies?


Klara, a Seattle area wife and mother of two, didn't want to do porn, but did want to fulfill her fantasy of fucking Jeff in front of her husband, on camera.  We did oral sex, straight sex and I ate Klara's ass, a first for her that drove her absolutely wild!  Klara had a number of orgasms, the biggest of them while she was riding my cock.  We all had such a great time!  


Mindy, a local wife and mother, told Jeff that anal sex is the only thing that makes her cum, and her husband wouldn't do it.  After 22 years of marriage and no anal, Mindy got bold and decided it was time!  She wanted to be very submissive and do everything I told her.  First I had Mindy get naked and suck my cock, then I had her get on the bed, ass up, and I started eating her ass.  She came instantly with the first lick!  I gave her ass a great pounding that day, and pulled out of her ass repeatedly to have her suck my cock.  In subsequent encounters it got even wilder and nastier, as I fucked her ass, then her pussy, then her ass - switching it up very frequently.  Mindy absolutely loved it all - it's this kind of accommodation to women that we love doing the most - especially for the married ladies!

Many Former Porn Stars Regret not receiving royalties or any

sort of continuing income from their work.


Mia Khalifa was a big name porn star who did 12 videos for a very large company and was paid $1000 for

each video. The company has since made Millions of Dollars from her video work, and Mia hasn't 

received a penny of that "back end" money.  Mia has since reclaimed her life and has 

generated very considerable monthly income through OnlyFans.

Click Here for just one of many published interviews with Mia Khalifa.

Are You Just Wanting To Fulfill A Fantasy and Have Some Fun?


We can do that for you!  We often hear from Married Women wanting to have an adventure and spice up their marriages, 

as well as other women just wanting to fulfill their fantasy of doing a video, safely and securely.  You'll have fun at one 

of our content shoots, though you don't have to do an OnlyFans page or anything like that.  You do need to meet model requirements - attractive, in decent shape, shaved or waxed bare (no pubic hair), STD free (with proof) and fully Covid Vaccinated.  It will be a safe, incredibly fun experience you will never forget, and we'd love to do it for you! 



















To pursue this wonderful, exciting opportunity Go To The Videos Page and then apply!

Marsha4 (2).jpg

What Do You Want To Do?  It's Your Choice!


1.  Pro Level Amateur Photo Shoots - Non Explicit

(Clothed & Casual, Glamour, Lingerie, Pin Up and Nudes) 


2.  Fun Video Work - Non Explicit and Explicit

(Only For Those Wanting Videos For Their OnlyFans Pages


3.  Paid Production Assistant (PA) Work - We Train

(Learn All About Taking Photos and Videos and Gain Experience)

Model models wanted modeling videos Tacoma Seattle OnlyFans content shoots

Check Out Emily's 1st Time on Camera - We Have Fun and You Can Too!

Who Are We Looking For?


Fun loving, open minded, smart and ambitious women who want to be the very best they can be. 

Here's what we look for in models and what's required: 


You must be Fully Covid Vaccinated, with proof.  We may require a recent Covid test too. 

You must have a recent, full range STD Screen, and bring your results with you.  This way we can all make great content and not worry about anything.  STD screens are only needed if you're doing videos.

You must be Shaved or Waxed Bare - this is a definite requirement.  It's just a nice, clean look that no one will take issue with - and it looks great!  Emily's motto is "No pubic hair ever!"

We prefer Slender Ladies, like Emily (above, she's 5-4, 105), but we'll work with Many Body Types and personalities, versus the commercial videos we used to do.

Large Breasts are NOT required! You can be flat chested or have massive FF's, or anything in between.  We are into REAL women, and would love to help you become successful!

Reliability and Professionalism - this one's a biggie!  Answer your messages promptly.  Do not ignore questions. Show up prepared and on time.  If as your shoot approaches you are nervous (there's really no need to be!), please get in touch with Jeff and talk.  For those models who do a no show / no call, there will be no second chances.  No shows result in big losses of money for us, and it's a very inconsiderate thing to do.

You do not have to be single - in fact, Jeff LOVES doing scenes with Married Women Wearing Their Wedding Rings!  You do need to be confident, though.  Since we have groups of models at our shoots, we normally cannot allow a model to bring a guy as bodyguard, escort, or whatever.

What Do We Do In Our Videos?

Whatever you like!  Solo scenes, girl-girl, boy-girl, FMF threesomes, anal sex and more are all possibilities, but you will never be asked to do something you aren't comfortable with. We are BIG on consent.

We Shoot 5-20 minute video clips rather than full length movies.  These clips are PERFECT for OnlyFans and similar platforms.  By shooting these shorter clips you can easily wind up with 5 to 15 Video Clips Per Shoot!  You earn shared rights to everything you participate in, so just imagine participating in, say, 10 of our content shoots, with an average of 10 video clips per shoot, along with lots of still photos - that's 100 videos for you to make money from for as long as you like!  

Videos are where the big money is on OnlyFans, and when you have many to offer to your fans, your fans stay loyal to you, paying a monthly subscription fee over and over, and they pay to view each of your videos, too.  Let's say you amass 100 videos, and charge $25 to view each of them.  Over 6 months or a year your videos sell to your fans a total of 5,000 times, since most fans will pay to watch multiple videos.

That's $125,000 in income for you!

The Possibilities and Earnings Potential on OnlyFans is absolutely astonishing.  The more fans you have, the more income you add to your video sales.  This is called Recurring, Exponential Income. You are in business for yourself, and earning the money producers earn, rather than taking a low, one time fee.

What Could Possibly Be Better?

You Can Find More Info On Our Video Page.

Model in Tacoma and Seattle Models Wanted OnlyFans
Production Assistant wanted OnlyFans shoots Seattle Tacoma

***** Production Assistants! *****


We're not only looking for models / content creators, but PAs (Production Assistants) too. Production assistants help with lighting and do some camera work, particularly video during the final part of photo and video shoots.  You'll learn a lot and have fun! 


Production assistants work in the nude (due to the fact we shoot reality style, and PAs are sometimes seen in the videos), need to be shaved or waxed bare, like the models, and do have the option to model during the photo shoot, which is the first part of each shoot.  PAs earn content rights to the material they appear in during the photo shoot, and can earn video content rights if they participate in the videos.  


*** Production Assistants are paid in cash *** for their work during the video portion and do camera work, both video and still, under Jeff's direction.  We pay CASH for PA work!  


NO EXPERIENCE is required - we will happily train you!

PXL_20210420_005350017 (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Ready To Have A Great Time?  Here's how it all works from here:

1.  You submit an APPLICATION and SCREENING PHOTOS.  If you want to do videos, get  

your HIV and STD screen done.  We also require proof of full Covid vaccination. 

If you haven't gotten that done, get her done!

2.  You register as an OnlyFans Content Creator.  This is REQUIRED before we shoot,

unless you are a married (or single) woman just wanting an incredible time.

3.  A content rights share agreement is signed at your first shoot.  

You are never under contract or obligated to do more shoots.  

Your Content Rights are your payment.


4.  You pay nothing - we provide a very high end location, all the equipment, food, drinks,

and hotel rooms for models from out of the Seattle-Tacoma area.

5.  We provide additional talent you couldn't get on your own - screened, tested, fun loving

men and women, so we can create a lot more than boring solo content!

6.  After the shoot you will receive all the video footage and still photos that you appeared in,

along with models releases and IDs, which you need to keep on file.

7.  We teach you everything about marketing, advertising and more, so you can

maximize your earnings potential and make money for years to come!

8.  We will do more shoots, hopefully once per month, and will always shoot as much

material as we can at every shoot.  And you'll have fun doing it!

Are you ready to have fun and make money? 

We'd love to hear from you!


The first step for you is to submit an application and screening photos, whether you want to do

modeling, content shoots, production assistant work or just have fun with us.


Your application and  screening photos will be held in the strictest of confidence. 

Are you applying for Production Assistant work or Fantasy Fulfillment?  Please submit the model

application and screening photos, and specify your desires in the comments section.

Do you only want to Model at this time, and not Do Videos Please submit your application and screening

photos, and specify in the comments section that you only want to model for now.

*** Screening Photos ***


The FULL FRONTAL NUDE  (must include your face - please smile!)  is required and is the most important screening photo of all.  Your other two nudes can be shot from different angles.  Your 4th photo can be a clothed, regular, every day life type photo, another nude or a photo of you having sex.  Please include your social media accounts, so we can get a better look at you.  Please be shaved or waxed bare in your screening photos, just as you would appear during shoots.

Mirror selfies are OK, but be sure your mirror is clean, and when you are ready to take the photo, look away from your camera and into the mirror and smile. We need to see your body from at least the knees up.   

Check out my beautiful friend Emily's primary screening photo.  Emily had a low quality camera phone, but we see her body well, she's shaved bare and she's smiling.  Though we like to see better quality photos, this is fine!

All your photos and information will be held in the strictest of confidence.  We can't wait to hear from you!

Model screening photo OnlyFans Tacoma Seattle

IMPORTANT If you are using your phone to complete your application, you may not see all of the questions.  It's best if you use a desktop or laptop to apply.

If you have to use your phone to apply, turn on screen rotation and turn your phone sideways, which will give you a better view of the application and questions.

Click Here To Apply to get started on your application to model or have fun with us.  Whatever your choice, Jeff would love to treat you to a great time!. 

Remember to add MassageModeling@yahoo.com to your email address book so you won't miss our reply.  Or watch your spam folder for our reply, just in case it winds up there.  We look forward to talking with you!

Apply to model Tacoma Seattle
Explicit video fun OnlyFans Tacoma Seattle