Are you ready to have fun and make money in Content Creation or adult modeling?  I'm Jeff Harder, an experienced porn star, video director and photographer in Tacoma, Washington.  I specialize in the production of high quality videos that feature real women having real sex on camera, many for the very first time.  I treat everyone with respect, kindness and care, and will show you a great time.  Our videos don't go through regular commercial distribution, instead appearing on private platforms like OnlyFans - a great option for models who are a bit unsure and those who "don't want to become a porn star."  Rest assured, you won't become a porn star shooting with us - unless you want to!


My first co-star was Danielle Davis, a married Registered Nurse from Seattle seen in the above video. It was Danielle and her Medical Doctor husband who led me into doing porn.  I was doing nude photography when Danielle answered a model ad of mine.  We were instantly attracted to one another, and Danielle actually talked me into doing videos because she wanted to fuck me, and doing it professionally was the only way she could envision her husband being okay with it.  It's the best thing that ever happened to me!  My company then was Allure Pictures.  We did reality videos featuring real girls and women, most married and a few single, from the Pacific Northwest who wanted to fulfill their fantasy of doing videos, as well as explore and fully experience their sexuality in a highly positive way.


Our videos were met with critical acclaim, earning 4-star (the highest rating possible) reviews from Adult Video News. How did we achieve this?  Through great production values (lighting, sound, scene location and model performances), but also through the fact we provided the real thing - real sex from real people, vs. porn stars just doing a job and acting. We had a lot of fun on camera, and that authenticity was easy to spot.  There's nothing better than the real thing!

We strongly believe in presenting the female form in a positive way and in embracing and promoting positive, shame free human sexuality.  It's sad, but we Americans feel a lot of shame and embarrassment about sex, when we should not.  It's healthy, positive, a necessary part of life, and something we should embrace and enjoy. Good, real porn not only makes a lot of money, but helps to stimulate fantasies and positive thoughts on the full realm of human sexuality. 


So what's it like, you might wonder, having sex with strangers?.  It can be a frightening prospect to someone new, that's for sure.  But in reality, once you get on set and get started, the experience becomes a very positive, erotic and thrilling one.  You'll learn that you don't have to be in a relationship with another person to have sex on camera.  Sex and love are two separate, distinct things, and don't have to be intertwined.  It's certainly possible to enjoy sex for the pure joy of it, without having to be in a relationship, and that's what you'll experience on set.  It's a lot of fun!. 


What if I know someone who will be in my video?.  I've actually had sex with several women who were friends with me before deciding to do a video, and guess what?  We're still friends.  It all depends on how you look at things - when you are doing a video you're engaged in a professional endeavor, the creation of a positive, hot display of human sexuality.  You will get turned on, you will have fun and you will cum - but these are incidental benefits of the modeling work you are doing.  It's this type of thinking, which is actually very spot on, that leads married men to be okay with their wives doing videos, as well as women fucking friends or someone they wouldn't have sex with on a personal level, in real life.  It's just sex, and it's work.  It's also kind of taboo, which makes it so thrilling!  Do one video and you'll see  :-)

What about my husband (or boyfriend)?.  No one's here to steal you from your husband or boyfriend, or to fall in love with you.  You'll definitely make friends working with us, but as far as sex, that will be a part of your professional modeling work, and limited to that.  If your husband or boyfriend is secure in his relationship with you, hopefully he will grow to understand that your work is no threat to your relationship.  We will all likely become friends, but that's as far as it will go, except for when we are working on creating a great video  :-)

Can I limit myself to sex with my husband on camera?  If you are doing Content Shoots with us the answer is yes, you can, in that equal portion of the shoot that is dedicated to content you specifically want to create. During our portion, though, the answer is no - we need you to perform with Jeff and other models.

Can my husband (or boyfriend) come to watch?  If we were doing 1 on 1 shoots I'd say "Sure, no problem!" We are doing group shoots, however, and other female models will be present and involved in sex scenes. We have to respect the comfort and privacy of everyone involved in the shoot.  Having a model's husband or boyfriend present can be VERY uncomfortable for other female models.  Years ago, when I was new to the business, I let nervous female models bring their husbands and boyfriends.  The result?  A number of unnerved, upset models who did not appreciate the presence of the unnecessary man on set, as well as some very bad experiences.  Trust is important, which is why we take time to get to know new models, and for them to get to know us.  Our sets are very small, and include the models involved, Jeff Harder, and a female production assistant.  We do not allow unnecessary people on set. We want experiences to be safe and comfortable for everyone.


We appreciate your understanding, and if our no husband/boyfriend/escort/bodyguard policy is an issue, we can still talk and see if we can negotiate something that works for you. There are other opportunities, like working as a production assistant or hiring us to do a shoot for you.  Read on to learn more!   

***  We're Not All About Sex!  ***  Check out the photos below, and more on the Swinging and Massage Page.  See, we do nice photos too!  Photo shoots are fun and done before every video shoot, as a matter of fact.  We shoot glamour, tease, nude, clothed, a wide range of material.  You can use this still material on your OnlyFans, IG, other platforms and/or for a model portfolio that can help you get non-adult modeling work, too.  Photo shoots are fun!  :-)  

To verify my legitimacy and experience, CLICK HERE to view my page at the Internet Adult Film Database.  


After some time away from adult production I'm back!  The industry has changed drastically, primarily due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Smart, ambitious adult models are getting into business for themselves, creating content to earn long term, continuing income on private adult platforms like OnlyFans and Patreon. The pandemic has become a great American tragedy, but for adult models it's created a unique and highly profitable new world!  Gone are the days of receiving a one time payment and never seeing another dollar for your work!

Are You Already A Content Creator on OnlyFans or another platform, or do you want to become one? First, congratulations on going into business for yourself!  Second, you need to know that you are now an adult industry business owner, and there's a lot you need to know, far more than how to create content and upload it to your page. Federal Laws Regulate Our Industry, and violations of these laws are felony crimes.  There's an awful lot you need to know in order to conduct business properly and legally, along with other important business knowledge.  We are here to help you!  Our Content Shoots enable you to own pro quality, hardcore video and still images featuring you and one, two or more fully vetted and tested performers.  Variety is the spice of life - and we not only help you get the variety you need, we also help you through our Content Creator School!  Keep reading to learn more!

We offer either a ONE TIME PAYMENT or CONTENT RIGHTS for our really fun shoots.  Which would you like?  


*** One Time Payments *** are much lower than they used to be in the adult industry, due to changing times, less production and lower revenue generated by those productions. An inexperienced or new model can expect to earn anywhere from $200 to $800 as one time payment for a video shoot. That's what the big companies pay, and your video(s) will be out there forever, with a lot of exposure for you. We pay as much as possible, usually around $400 to $600 per shoot, which we consider very fair, since we don't commercially distribute our videos, providing you with a high degree of discretion.  Your video and photo images will only be sold on private adult platforms.

*** Content Rights *** is the best deal for you! Just imagine getting Paid Over and Over, for years to come, for the adult modeling and videos you do with us. There's nothing better!  You acquire rights to all the material you appear in, both photo and video, and can use it for as long as you want to make money, month after month, year after year.  The more you shoot, the more content you acquire and the more money you make! Someday when you decide to leave the biz, you simply delete your pages and material and it's gone!  So not only will you make a lot more money with Content Rights shoots, you'll also have control over your material.  What could be better?  

*** Production Assistant *** (PA) work is available to women who don't feel ready to do shoots or are maybe dieting and exercising to make themselves look better before doing videos as a model.  PAs work in the nude, and are a part of the scenes, as we shoot POV style, where the camera is acknowledged and played to.  It's a really fun method!  PAs also reach out and touch performers, making lots of comments, but are not involved in any sex - unless the PA has a recent STD screen and decides to partake in sexual activity.  


*** Hire Jeff for a Private Shoot *** If you're not ready to do Content Trade Shoots with us, you can hire Jeff to do a video shoot just for you, which you own all the rights to.  You'll get whatever material you want, professionally shot.  If you're doing a solo or couples sex scene, you'll have the tremendous benefit of great lighting, a moving camera (rather than putting it on a tripod, which limits the view and can be boring), great views and great lighting.  You'll also have a legal shoot, as we'll do all the required documentation and give it all to you.  You'll also get to know Jeff well, leading to comfort and trust and possibly allowing you to open up to doing fun, profitable content shoots with us.  Private shoots are not expensive.  Your costs can be as low as $400 to $600.   


We pay travel costs (gas and meals, plus a free hotel room) for models outside the Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia area.  We are not flying in models during the pandemic, but will afterwards - so go ahead and get your application in!


We begin new productions in January, 2021, and we're looking for a small group of very select, fun loving girls and women to make some really hot, fun material with. Not Sure How To Market Your Content?  No problem - we'll teach you how to do it, and help you in every way we can!  The first step is to create as much content as possible, building up a library of photos and videos for when you start up our page and marketing.


Who are we looking for?  Girls and women, 18 to 50 years of age who are healthy, in good shape, free of STDs (with recent proof), bi, bi curious or bi on camera, and shaved or waxed bare (no pubic hair at all). Breast size doesn't matter at all.  Jeff loves anal and if you do too, that's great!  If not, Jeff would love it if you're up for anal training, which is always successful - but it's certainly not a requirement of you, so don't worry. Above all, we're only looking for women who really want to do this - fun loving, adventurous women who like the idea of being watched and filmed while having adventurous, nasty sex, and earning a lot of money as a result. I love doing videos with married women! But you do need to wear your ring  :-)  Sisters, twins and mother / daughter teams are also very welcome!

What About Knowledge?  What do you need to know to go into business for yourself as a Content Creator?  The short answer:  A Lot!  Keep scrolling to learn about our Content Creator School!

So, Jeff, What About This Content Creator School?


Well, there isn't really a school for content creators.  Ha ha!  But There Certainly Should Be!  As a Content Creator on OnlyFans and/or other platforms, you are operating an adult business, and are subject to government regulations, federal laws and more, plus you need a lot of knowledge about marketing and running your business both legally and effectively.  Sadly, the majority of ladies working as Content Creators lack much of this critical knowledge, and it can land them in serious trouble, both criminally and civilly. 


I have evaluated quite a few women with OnlyFans pages during 2020.  I hate to say it, but I've yet to find anyone with the knowledge they very much need to possess.  Most seem to think that if they upload material and acquire fans, they're making money and that's good enough. This is a real mistake. 


I help women who do Content Shoots with me, providing them with all the knowledge they need to protect themselves and their businesses, as well as succeed and thrive.  Here are just some of the areas you will be educated in during my informal Content Creators School:

1.  18 USC 2257 - federal law regulating adult material

the requires specific releases and documentation.

2.  The Congressional Trafficking Act of 2018, which requires

performers to be identifiable (identities not concealed).

3.  Licensing and Taxes.

4.  Copyright and Trademark laws, and how to avoid

violating these laws and suffering penalties.

5.  Effective Marketing Strategies - very important,

as customers don't appear out of thin air.

5.  Creating Great, Pro Quality Content that sets you apart

from the competition and makes you more money.

6.  Content Shoots with me and my performers - how to engage in mutually beneficial,

fun and valuable shoots that will really pay off for you!  We engage in a wide range of 

material, from clothed to nude to sex, including threesomes and groups.  Equal time is 

dedicated to what we want to shoot and what you want to shoot, and you earn rights to use

ALL the material, for as long as you want!  I take care of all the costs - you just show up, have 

fun on camera and make a great investment in your future.   What could be better?

This is a great opportunity for you, and very legitimate, since we work under contract and you own rights to your work.  We've always done all we could for our models. We Pay For Everything!  Professional equipment, lighting, production and location costs, even your co-stars are all covered, and we give you all the knowledge you need to become successful.  Many women who used to do porn are already going this route, earning thousands of dollars per month.  If you are smart and business-minded, we'd love to help you get going!  Here are the basics of how it all works:

1.  You submit an application and screening photos.

2.  A contract is signed at your first shoot.

3.  You pay nothing - we provide a nice location, all the equipment, food, drinks

and hotel rooms for models from out of the Seattle-Tacoma area.

4.  We provide additional talent you couldn't get on your own - screened, tested, fun loving

men and women, so we can create a lot more than boring solo content!

5.  After the shoot you will receive all the video footage and still photos that you appeared in,

along with models releases and IDs, which you need to keep on file.

6.  We teach you everything about marketing, advertising and more, so you can

maximize your earnings potential and make money for years to come!

7.  We will do more shoots, hopefully once per month, and will always shoot as much

material as we can at every shoot.  And you'll have fun doing it!

NOTE:  If your interest is just swinging or a massage session, *** Click Here For The Swinging and Massage page *** and Jeff will get in touch with you asap.  Thanks!

Jeff Harder and Klara

Are you ready to have fun and make money? 

We'd love to hear from you!  The first step for you is to submit an application, whether you want to do content shoots, one time payment shoots or production assistant work.  Scroll down!  :-) 


Want Something More Private? 

Go To The SWINGING and MASSAGE page to learn more and get in touch with Jeff. 

*** Screening Photos ***


The FULL FRONTAL NUDE  (must include your face - please smile!)  is required and is the most important screening photo of all.  Your other two nudes can be shot from different angles.  Your 4th photo can be a clothed, regular, every day life type photo, another nude or a photo of you having sex.  Please include your social media accounts, so we can get a better look at you.  Please be shaved or waxed bare in your screening photos, just as you would appear during shoots.

Mirror selfies are OK, but be sure your mirror is clean, and when you are ready to take the photo, look away from your camera and into the mirror and smile. We need to see your body from at least the knees up.   

Below are 3 great primary screening photos.  The photos are good quality, models are shaved or waxed bare, they are smiling and give us a great full frontal nude, with nothing hidden.  Be sure your face is clearly visible in all of your photos.  Your photos and info will be kept confidential.

IMPORTANT If you are using your phone to complete your application, you may not see all of the questions.  It's best if you use a desktop or laptop to apply.

If you have to use your phone to apply, turn on screen rotation and turn your phone sideways, which will give you a better view of the application and questions.

Click the Model "Apply" image below to get started on your application to model, get spoiled with a sensual massage session or have  a swinging experience.  Whatever your choice, Jeff would love to hook you up and treat your to a great time!. 

Remember to add to your email address book so you won't miss our reply.  Or watch your spam folder for our reply, just in case it winds up there.  We look forward to talking with you!


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