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Frequently Asked Questions

Especially for ladies who haven't modeled and for those who have been Content Creators but have only made their own content, it's natural to have lots of questions.  I will do my best to answer them for you, though this site is highly transparent and detailed, and provides answers to virtually every question you might have.  

Q:  Do You Really Shoot With All Kinds Of Ladies?


Answer: Yes, We Absolutely Do!


I believe all women are beautiful, and that everyone who wants to model and/or do OnlyFans not only deserves the opportunity, but deserves to obtain important business knowledge and participate in high quality content shoots that help ensure success.  


This isn't to say we'd shoot with ALL women, but most, yes.  I believe in the real portrayal of real people, so "Mom Bods" are just as welcome as younger, thinner women and athletic women.  I love helping women look and feel their best, as well as have fun, and that's exactly what happens at our content shoots.    

Q: Do I Have To Have Sex?


Answer: No, You Don't "Have" To Do Anything


When we do content shoots WE ARE WORKING TOGETHER to create great content that benefits all of us.  You're not working for me.  I'm not working for you.  


We believe strongly in both consent and comfort.  You can do Glamour and Nudes, you can do Explicit Sex Videos (the BIG sellers), or you can do both.  It's your choice, and I respect and support your choice.  If you do videos, ideally you do videos with me and my models, possibly including your partner or friends.  This is the whole concept that benefits all of us, giving our fans more variety and more exciting videos.

Q: Can I Hide My Face?


Answer: No - It's Illegal To Do So


OnlyFans, the most popular platform for online content creators, is based in England, so their policies reflect English law.  In England it is legal to appear in sexually explicit photos or videos with your face obscured.


So, while OnlyFans might allow you to hide or obscure your face, the reality is that you are a United States resident, you made your content in the U.S. and are uploading your content from the United States.  You are therefore subject to U.S. laws, not English laws.  


It is illegal in the United States to obscure or conceal the identity of anyone appearing in sexually explicit photos or videos.  Both 18 USC 2257 and the Federal Congressional Sex Trafficking Act of 2018 make obscuring or concealing the identity of anyone appearing in sexually explicit material a Federal Felony.  You do not want to risk that!


The fact that OnlyFans allows you to obscure or conceal your face is no defense.  As a U.S. resident you must obey U.S. laws, or you could face the consequences.  Sometimes a woman will say "But I see other people doing it."  This is a naive and unrealistic stance.  Because other people commit crimes doesn't make it okay for us to do it, right?


Aside from that, think about your fans and potential fans.  They want to see YOU, not part of you.  They want to feel like they know you, which is the huge draw of OnlyFans, and they want to vicariously enjoy your life and adventures.  And that means you share all of you, including your beautiful face.      

Q: Won't Everyone Find Out What I'm Doing?


Answer: NO - Not If You're Smart About It


As discussed on the Content Creators 101 page, most women Content Creators have real problems not only creating quality content, but also with knowledge.  It helps to really know what you are doing, and proceed in a cautious but effective and legal way.

At first shoots I teach models everything they need to know, including how to stay within the law and maintain anonymity and privacy.  


The first thing to do is create an alternate persona for yourself, using a "stage name" (i.e. an alias).  Let's say your legal name is Christine Lynn Baker.  Your stage name should be something completely different, but also be a real sounding name.  Make a list of names you like, then use the bing.com search engine to find out if anyone has used that name in porn or modeling, or if the name might belong to a famous person.


Let's say your first choice for a stage name is Amy Carson.  Your search on bing.com should be like this:  +"Amy Carson" +porn  


Look at the results, then the image results.  If the name you have chosen has been used by a porn star, model or famous person, scratch that name and go on to the next.  You need a real sounding name that won't get you confused with others or into legal trouble.


Adult Social Media platforms are unique, in that they are not indexed by search engines - meaning any and everything you post on will not show up on search engine results of be posted publicly.  Only your paying fans see your material.

This is a private, safe way for you to be in business as a model or performer and earn the kind of money you deserve - money that just keeps rolling in as long as you have your page.  Contrast that with commercial porn, which virtually guarantees that you'll be "outed" and everyone you know will know about your work.  It's an easy choice!


Getting traffic to your platforms is done through subtle yet effective marketing, which I'll teach you all about.  Instagram, Twitter and TikTok are the best avenues to achieve this, but you will not use your real name or "real" accounts.  Your traffic funneling accounts will belong to your stage name and be totally separate from your real life!


There is so much for you to know and learn, and I will teach you everything you need to know, so you can stay safe, maintain your privacy, have fun and earn a lot of money!   

Q: Can I Just Have Sex With My Husband?

(or boyfriend, or whatever)


Answer: It Depends


This is a difficult question to answer, for a number of reasons.   In an ideal situation the answer is no.  The best collaborative shoots involve you doing videos with me and my models, with perhaps your partner or friends involved too.  This is how we give our fans more exciting content and more variety, resulting in more $$$$$.


The premise of content shoots is to create material that benefits everyone involved.  If I shoot video just of you and your husband, my fans will be disappointed and I likely will not be able to use the material, since I am not involved, which is a requirement of the adult platforms we use.  We cannot upload generic material we are not involved in.


If you are exclusive with a husband or boyfriend on your own page, I can guarantee your fans would like to see more variety, as in more sexual partners.  And they will love the high quality we deliver!  


Ideally, we shoot the content everyone wants from the shoot.  This usually means doing sex scenes with other creators at the shoot, not just doing your own thing.  Single females just usually do scenes with me and other women who are attending shoots.  If you have specific content ideas, that's something we will talk about.  Everyone should leave happy!  


I like to keep things safe, fun and enjoyable for everyone at my shoots.  If there's a boyfriend or husband present, will he suddenly feel jealous and overprotective and start acting out?  Will he be a gentleman and respectful?  Will he be covered in tattoos and look like an ex con?  Will he be high or drunk?  Will he smell like he hasn't showered in a week? Will the other females there feel comfortable with this guy on set?  


I am very leery about having boyfriends or husbands on set.  Based on early experiences in the industry, I can tell you most caused problems, which is why I stopped allowing these guys to come to shoots.  You don't need anyone to "protect" you, and of course you should be concerned about how others on set feel.  Most women don't want some guy watching them.  


Women are much more comfortable with just a few people on set and with me normally being the only guy, because we've become acquainted and trust has been developed.  In most cases it's best to be cautious and not mess with success.


That being said, though, if I really want to shoot with you I might accommodate your boyfriend/husband only stipulation for one or two shoots.  Your guy will not be allowed to hang around on set or leer at the other women.  He will be there only when performing with you.  And he can't hide his face if he appears on camera, and will have to provide ID verification, like everybody else.  That's just the way it has to be. 

More Questions?

I will be happy to answer any more questions after you have submitted your Model Application and Screening Photos.  Be sure to explore the web site thoroughly, however, as answers to your questions could already be here.


I look forward to shooting with you and creating great content!

Jeff Harder