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Would You Like A Special Experience Like Klara Enjoyed?

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words, and in the case of this gorgeous, sexy, married, mother of two it's obvious she is truly enjoying and thrilled by her fantasy experience with me.  We planned a Swedish and sensual massage session, with Klara's husband watching, but I started out with a nice photo shoot, which I always like to do.  Modeling makes women feel very special and appreciated, and you can see that in Klara's photos.  I love seeing happy, fulfilled women!  How would you like to be one of those women? Though Klara opted to have photos and videos taken of her exciting day, that certainly isn't required, so if you're camera shy, no worries! 


I'm Jeff Harder, "the porn guy," and I truly am a lover of women.  When I first started doing amateur porn, with real women from the Seattle-Tacoma area, I was shocked that nearly all of them were married. Then I got to know them, they confided in me, and I started to understand them and their desires. Let's face it, human beings are not normally monogamous creatures - it's something we force upon ourselves, and after years of marriage, sex and sexual excitement can and certainly do get stale. I provide a safe, fun outlet for women in these situations - and single ladies, too!  Though I do have "a thing" for married women, I don't discriminate  :-) 

Klara and her husband had been married a long time, have two children, and live a life very much like most married couples.  Klara supplemented her income with local amateur modeling, never straying beyond her limit of tasteful nudes.  Like most couples, Klara and her husband enjoy porn, and over time Klara developed a strong urge to have sex with another man, particularly a man with a big cock, much bigger than her husband's cock, and to have it filmed and photographed, just as if she were a porn star.  Upon seeing a video of a man being cuckolded, made to watch his wife getting fucked by another man, Klara decided this was what she wanted to do.  When she built up the nerve to ask her husband he said YES, and I was the lucky porn star to help Klara with her fantasy.


Swedish and Sensual Massage Sessions are what I almost always start out with, whether it's a planned swinging encounter, a photo or video shoot or a meet just for a massage.  I absolutely love pleasing and spoiling women, and would love to do it for you, too!  Scroll down and imagine it's you getting this . . .    

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How Do Like What You're Seeing So Far? You could go out and spend a bunch of money getting a Swedish massage from a professional massage therapist, but honestly, I think mine are just as good.  And your pro will not do what I would love to do for you!  After your relaxing, therapeutic Swedish massage, I'll apply more oil to your naked body, then slowly caress you all over, with light touches.  You'll soon be aroused, probably more than you ever have been.  Most women cum several times during their sensual massage, and I can recall at least two who said they had dozens of orgasms.  Quite a few had their first squirting orgasms.  It's something I love doing and I'm very good at. Want to know more? Keep scrolling down! 

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Klara loved her photo shoot, and became extremely wet and excited during her massage. She was hairless, as I require, and took my cock bareback, without a condom, which is all I do.  Klara very eagerly sucked my cock extensively, preparing me to fuck her hot married body in front of her husband. Klara made sure to show off her wedding ring during the video of our time together, and stole looks at her admiring husband, who appeared to cum in his pants several times while watching me fuck his wife.  Being an experienced porn star, I knew how to set up good angles so Klara's husband would have a great view of all the action!

Soon we moved on to fucking, as you'll see below. Klara loved me eating her ass, which no one had done for her before, along with her pussy, and spent much of time riding me cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style, cumming a number of times while we fucked.  One was a squirting orgasm that happened with my cock buried deep inside of her - what a feeling!  When it was time to cum Klara jacked me off, wanting to see the cum shooting from my hard cock.  Her smile as I came tells you how much she loved her encounter with me, especially the end!

When shall we do for your special encounter?  Check out the final pics and 2 videos of Klara and Jeff, then scroll down to see how you can contact me about a mind-blowingly good time for you, too!

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All Right, How About A Couple Videos? The first video is a sizzling hot portion of Klara's sensual massage session with Jeff.  She gets really turned on!  The second video is Klara riding Jeff's cock and having a powerful orgasm in the process.  Fun, fun, FUN! Enjoy the videos, then keep scrolling down! 

Testimonials From Satisfied Wives!


Mindy, 46, Married:


I'm a woman who loves anal sex, and can only have real orgasms from it.  After being married 22 years and my husband always refusing to do my ass, I worked up the courage to go out on my own and have some real orgasms.  I met a guy who did a quickie with me in a park in broad daylight.  He didn't do my ass, and left quickly after he came in my pussy.  He was too cheap to even get a nice hotel room!  And I left feeling used and terrible.


I'm so glad I kept looking and found Jeff Harder.  He took the time to get to know me, develop trust and help me feel good and comfortable about what I wanted.  After exchanging photos and emails for a few weeks, Jeff rented a very nice hotel room where he met me.  I dressed according to his wishes (black bra, black garter belt, no panties, black nylons and black pumps), wore my wedding ring, had just done a double enema so my ass was clean, and my pubic hair was gone, as Jeff likes, courtesy of a professional Brazilian wax job at a nice salon.  I was so ready for my epic day of anal sex!


I had told Jeff I wanted to be submissive, so the first thing he did was order me to remove my dress, squat in front of him and suck his cock and lick his balls.  I loved it!  Once he was hard, Jeff told me to get on the bed on all fours, doggy style.  He licked my ass and I started coming instantly.  It felt so heavenly to have my ass eaten for the first time, and I was shocked when Jeff even got his tongue inside my ass.  WOW!  Then Jeff plunged his big cock deep into my ass, without warning, and I started having multiple, strong orgasms immediately.  As he fucked my ass very aggressively, plunging deep inside of me, I just kept cumming and cumming.  Then Jeff really surprised me.  He took his cock out of my ass and ordered me to suck it and lick it.  It felt so dirty, but I loved it!  He was turning me into a porn slut  :-)


Jeff fucked me for 4 hours, never fucking my pussy.  Our day ended when Jeff pulled his cock from my ass one final time, telling me to squat and suck it.  Then he really surprised me, grabbing me by the hair and fucking my mouth very aggressively, shoving all of his cock down my throat.  After a few minutes he had a very strong orgasm, shooting a big load of cum down my throat.  I left feeling SO very good, and told Jeff we had to do it again!


We did, at his place.  Jeff gave me the porn slut treatment again, and I absolutely loved it.  He fucked my ass a LOT, and shocked me when he pulled out of my ass and started fucking my pussy.  Very quickly he was out of my pussy and right back in my ass.  Then back to my pussy, back to my ass, over and over again.  Let me tell you, there is just something very awesome about being treated like a nasty, submissive slut.  I must have had 50 orgasms that day and my pussy got wetter than it ever has been.  I even had several squirting orgasms.  Jeff's bed was so soaked I don't know how he slept in it!


Ladies, if you want an incredible time with a real gentleman who will treat you right, hook up with Jeff!


Marie, 37, Married:


After 15 years of marriage to my husband our sex life seemed to be getting old and boring.  We went from daily sex to a couple times per week, then once a week, then a few times per month.  The passion just wasn't there any longer, but I was content, and committed to my marriage.


We like to watch porn movies together and fantasize, like many couples do.  I especially loved watching anal sex scenes, as I'd never had anal and really wanted to, but my husband had absolutely no interest.  I thought I'd die without ever experiencing it.  Well, one day my husband shocked me when he said, "Honey, I want you to cuckold me."  I knew what he meant - he wanted me to fuck another guy right in front of him, but I told him no, absolutely not.  He kept bugging me and bugging me, and the more I thought about it, the more the idea excited me.  I started planning to tell my husband yes, but only with a good guy who is really good at anal sex.  Finally I told him yes, let's do this.  He was SO excited!  And he told me he'd already found a guy, a local porn star and swinger, Jeff Harder.  We'd seen some of Jeff's videos, and I had quite a few thoughts about how fun sex would be with him - and I know he's great with anal sex, which was certainly a great bonus!


Jeff and I traded emails, then phone calls.  He assured me he'd fuck my ass well and make me his personal porn star.  That turned me on so much!  When the day came I gave myself 3 enemas, to ensure I was very clean and ready for anything.  I didn't have to worry about shaving my pussy, since all my pubic hair is gone forever, thanks to laser treatments.  When the doorbell rang I ran to the door, so anxious to meet Jeff and get started.  He was such a nice, genuine man.  I felt confident and secure right away.  I led Jeff to the bedroom,, where my husband was seated in a chair, facing our bed.  My wedding ring was on, of course, and I wore a black garter belt and black nylons, just as Jeff asked.   Jeff looked at my husband, nodded, then turned to me.  Soon my dress was off and I was squatting low, sucking the big cock of a man I'd just met.  It was so exciting! 


What followed was 4 hours of really intense, nasty sex that made me feel like a real porn star.  My favorite part was when Jeff ate my ass, then sunk that big, hard cock into my virgin butt.  It felt SO good!  Like WOW!  My husband was masturbating as he watched. I heard him groan when Jeff went into my ass, and looking over I saw my husband was coming.  I started to wonder why I had never done this before!  "Go get the camera and take a picture!" I yelled at my husband as Jeff ass fucked me.  He did, and it turned out great!


Things got nastier, and even more fun, as time went on.  Jeff wound up switching over and over from anal to straight sex, back to anal, back to straight and back to anal.  It was so dirty, so taboo, and felt so incredibly good!  I was so excited I thought my heart would explode, and I had more orgasms than I could possibly count.  In the end, Jeff pulled his cock out of my ass, plunged it into my mouth and face fucked me until he shot his load down my throat.  We cuddled and talked awhile, then we thanked one another and he left.  I had no plans to do this again and never did, as I wanted to return to a monogamous marriage.  Thanks to Jeff, our sex life returned with real passion, and my husband even started eating and fucking my ass on a regular basis.  It's amazing what just one encounter did for us!


Bravo, Jeff!  Very well done!    Thank you so much for showing me such an incredible time!!!


Melissa, 33, Married:


You know how it's said you can never really know a person?  I had known Jeff for over 10 years.  He was a frequent shopper at the grocery store I worked at, and we'd talked a lot over time.  He's such a nice guy and knows how to make a woman feel really good.  I'd thought many times that I'd love to be with him if I weren't already married.  So, imagine my shock when, one night while surfing porn sites, I found Jeff and learned he produces and stars in amateur porn videos!  I felt a sense of shame, embarrassment and shock as I watched video clips of him fucking different women, but then I started thinking rationally.  I love porn, so why should I judge those who do it and think differently of them - even when it's someone I know, but he doesn't know I know?  I started to try to think of a way to talk with Jeff about possibilities.  I was married, but our sex life had gone stale and I really wanted to experience adventurous, nasty sex, like I saw Jeff doing in his videos.  It took me over 2 years, but I finally mustered up the courage to talk with him.

Jeff wasn't embarrassed at all when I brought up the subject of his porn.  In fact he grinned, then asked if I enjoyed watching his videos.  I told him of course, then admitted I had fantasized about having porn style sex with him, just to try it out.  "Sure," he said without hesitation.  "I would love that, Melissa.  I've always wanted to fuck you."  Well, ladies and gentlemen, that sealed the deal!  I was finally ready to have sex outside of my marriage, and to make it as epic as possible.  I got all my pubic hair waxed off, then did a double enema before Jeff came over while my husband was gone to work.  I was so nervous, but so excited, too!  When Jeff arrived I could see his big cock was hard inside his pants, which made me wet.  As soon as the door closed Jeff undressed me, then carried me to my wedding bed.  Setting me down, he kissed me passionately, sucked on my nipples until they were erect, then started licking my pussy and my ass.  I've never had my ass licked, and it felt SO great!  I'd also never had my ass fucked, but knew Jeff would take care of that.


Jeff was disappointed that my wedding ring was in the shop for cleaning.  I kind of was too.  But the feeling was incredible when Jeff sunk his hard cock into my wet pussy.  He fucked me hard and long and I came a bunch of times.  Then he raised his legs and sunk his cock deep into my ass, all the way in.  Wow, I starting cumming over and over again.  It was an amazingly awesome feeling and I found I absolutely loved it!  I was Jeff's porn slut for over 6 hours that day and he left just in time, minutes before my husband got home.  I had Jeff's cum in my ass and more of his cum in m mouth when I kissed my husband to welcome him home!


Whether you are single or married, I highly recommend my friend Jeff if you are really looking for a wonderful and special experience!!


Lindy, 53, Married:


I'm Lindy.  My husband Ron and I took a trip not long ago to Seattle to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.  It was such a fun trip, and a long way from our home in Indiana.  It was the first time either of us had been to Seattle and we absolutely loved it.  On the evening of our final day in Seattle, the actual day of our anniversary, Ron told me that he had a special surprise coming.  I was filled with a sense of dread, as Ron had wanted for years to get us into swinging.  The one time we tried we met with a couple.  The woman was forward, rude and aggressive, and I practically ran for my life before any of us had even gotten naked.  I feared that was what swinging was like, and hoped Ron wasn't setting me up for another bad experience.  He realized what I was thinking, and said "No, no, honey.  I have a massage therapist coming to give you a massage."  Music to my ears!  I love a good massage, and couldn't wait until the therapist arrived.  When the time came close, though, Ron disclosed that the massage would be "erotic," and my worry and dread came back.

So, I was VERY worried and nervous when my masseuse, Jeff Harder, arrived.  He introduced himself and suggested we talk, since this was all new to me.  He was so nice!  And handsome, too :-)  Jeff assured me nothing I didn't want to happen would occur, and asked me a lot of questions, trying to ascertain if this would be okay for me.  I felt more comfortable by the moment, since Jeff was so nice and caring.  Soon I was starting to feel excited, too.  When Jeff asked if I was ready I jumped up and said Yes!  He asked me to remove my clothing, and I don't think I've ever gotten naked so fast in my life, though I was worried what he'd think of the sight of an old woman like me.  Ladies over 50 know what I'm talking about - your hair grays and your body changes, and your confidence level goes down.  


Jeff's smile at seeing me naked removed all doubts in my mind.  "Damn, Lindy, you have a VERY hot body!" he said.  "And you're very pretty, too."  I blushed and felt myself starting to get a little wet, too.  I glanced at Ron, sitting in a chair watching, and felt good when I saw him smiling approvingly.  I was 53, but had always maintained my very petite body, with little A cup breasts.  I had had all my pubic hair lasered off, so I wouldn't have to shave or wax anymore, and kept a nice tan with tan lines.  I guess I still looked attractive and sexy!

Jeff asked me to get on the bed, face down.  He kept his clothes on, as he said he would, because he didn't want me being tempted to do anything I wasn't ready for, which I truly appreciated.  Soon Jeff was applying massage oil to my back and legs.  He gave me the best Swedish massage I had ever had, which really relaxed me.  I kept looking at Ron, who smiled constantly as this stranger massaged my naked body.  He was enjoying this, and I was, too . . . During the massage Jeff told me he was a video producer and porn star, which excited me.  I asked how many women he'd had sex with, and he said three hundred!  Wow, this guy was really experienced - which I found to be even more of a turn on.


After about a half hour Jeff said he was going to transition from the Swedish massage to a sensual massage.  "I'm ready," I cooed, though in reality I couldn't wait!  What followed was SO amazing . . . Jeff began using slow, light caresses, using more oil as his magic hands worked their way all over my body.  I began to breathe heavily and sweat a bit.  My body was literally coming alive like it never had before, though I couldn't vocalize that fact with my husband of 30 years sitting there, watching - though I'm sure he realized what was happening.  Jeff ignored my breasts, my crotch and my ass, focusing everywhere else for a long time.  I wanted so badly for him to start massaging those areas, but I found the delay and denial was very exciting.  I was so wet already, my juices flowing out of me and onto the bed, creating a huge wet spot.

I was literally in sexual heaven, having the most erotic, exciting experience of my entire lifetime.  Next Jeff then finally began massaging my breasts, tweaking my already erect nipples with his fingers, then he went down and stroked my tummy and the area just above my pussy.  I arched my back without even thinking about it - it felt that good!  This went on for what seemed like hours, my pussy continuing to flow, and I had more orgasms than I could count!  Finally, Jeff's words were literally music to my ears:  "Okay, Lindy, turn over.  I want you face down, ass up."  FACE DOWN, ASS UP!  AWESOME!  I quickly turned over, into a doggy style position, then drew my knees far forward and planted my face in the pillow.  My ass was literally up in the air, fully exposing my ass and pussy to a man I'd just met.  A man who was still fully clothed, yet had a very big erection that was quite visible through his khakis.  A man I now knew was a porn star, a man who had fucked 300 women, a man who literally, truly did love women.  What would he do with my ass and pussy?

"Wow, Lindy, both of your holes are wide open.  You are SO turned on," Jeff said.  I reached around to feel.  My ass WAS wide open, as was my pussy.  I'd never had anal sex.  Not a finger in there.  So what happened next was incredible!  Jeff began massaging my clit, making me cum repeatedly.  Then he started fucking my holes with his fingers, first one, then two, then four, further stretching me open.  I almost couldn't stand how turned on I was.  I kept on coming, an orgasm every two to three seconds.  I was becoming exhausted, but never wanted this to end.  Then Jeff really surprised me!  He tongue fucked my pussy, then stuck his tongue in my ass, then back in my pussy.  He kept alternating between the two holes, his tongue going deep inside my pussy and virgin ass.  OH.  MY.  GOD!  I kept on coming, then Jeff stopped, massaging more oil into my ass cheeks.  "Lindy," he suddenly said, "I still think you're not ready for someone other than your husband.  But would you just like a little taste of my cock?  It's really hard.

"Yes"  I screamed.  "Give it to me."  Feeling that big, hard cock slide deep into my pussy felt SO damned good.  I looked over at my husband and saw he'd gotten naked and was masturbating, smiling broadly as he watched Jeff's marvelous, huge cock sliding slowly in and out of my pussy.  Then Jeff withdrew, after maybe 10 strokes.  Then I felt his cock sliding easily and deeply into my formerly virgin asshole - and it felt SO DAMNED GOOD!  I gasped, then began having a series of shuddering orgasms, my pussy squirting upward, onto Jeff's balls.  I heard Ron groan and looked over to see him shooting cum towards us.  I was literally beside myself with lust and excitement.  This was pure hedonism!  Jeff fucked my ass for probably 50 strokes, then withdrew.  "You're not emotionally ready to to fuck me," he said "So I will let Ron fuck you."  I rolled over onto my back, my legs spread wide.  "Fuck me, Ron," I said, then looked to Jeff.  "Right here," I told him, patting the bed right next to my right side.  "I want you right here."  Jeff removed the rest of his clothes then got up next to me, touching.  I grabbed his hard cock and fondled it while Ron started fucking me.  Jeff leaned in to suck on my nipples, which made me start cumming all over again.  Then I remember a fantasy I had always had: "Jeff," I said," can you rub my clit while Ron fucks me?"  Jeff immediately reached down and started working my clit while Ron fucked me.  I started having the rapid, thundering orgasms again.  I am sure I had over 100 total.  Quickly Ron came in me, then collapsed, rolling off the bed and onto the floor.

Jeff got up on his knees, scooting up and putting his cock in front of my face.  "You can suck my cock if you want to, Lindy."  OMG, yes!  I sucked Jeff's cock, still smelling of my ass, and did my best to deep throat him.  Soon Jeff had a strong, long orgasm, shooting his cum into my mouth and down my throat.  As he pulled out more cum landed on my face.  "You're so beautiful," he said, soon leaning in to give me a kiss.  He reached down and massaged my pussy and asshole, a little after care after an epic encounter.  Ron didn't wake up as Jeff dressed.  I jumped up, naked, this man's cum on my face, my holes still wide open, and hugged him tightly, feeling gleeful over what had just happened.  It honestly felt like an incredibly powerful, life changing experience!  "Thank you so much, Jeff,"  I said.  "Words can't describe how wonderful and spoiled I feel!"

Jeff exchanged some passionate kisses with me, his hands wandering all over my naked body.  And then, he was gone . . . I wish I lived in Seattle, because if I did I'd be trying to repeat to as often as I could . . . and I'd have Jeff fucking my mouth, pussy and asshole every time!

I am so sorry this is so long, but I could write a book about that night!  love, Lindy.

Are You Ready To Have Some Fun?


I realize that my web site may give the impression I am promiscuous.  Ha ha, I wish!  In reality, I am very careful and selective.  I keep myself tested for STDs, and am very picky when it comes to my choice of sexual partners.  I don't use drugs or have sex with people who do.  I tend to only meet with married women in monogamous relationships and single women who are not promiscuous. I truly believe in quality over quantity!  Women I meet must be free of STDs AND be free of pubic hair.  On average, I have two to three swinging encounters per year, and I do my best to make those memorable and epic for all involved.  That said, what are the possibilities for you?

1.  Massage Encounters, without sex (I may ask for a gratutity for this service - it's worth it!)

2.  Massage Encounters, with sex (Oral, straight and anal sex - you must be STD free, as am I)

3.  Secret Rendezvous (We have sex without your husband or boyfriend's knowledge)

4.  Cuckold Sessions (Oral, straight and anal sex while your husband is made to watch, in person or later on video)

5.  Straight Fuck, Husband Is Aware (He may or not be present - I guess this makes you at Hotwife!)

6.  MFM Threesome with You & Your Husband (Oral, straight, anal & DP.  I'll take your ass. No bi male stuff!)

7.  Hands-On Sex Ed for 18-22 year old girls (Want to learn?  What better teacher than a porn star!)

8.  FMF Threesome (This is very tricky.  Nearly every couple out there is searching for the elusive, single female Unicorn.  They are rumored to exist - but do they REALLY?).  It's probably best that you DO A VIDEO.

9.  Gang Bangs (Whoa, talk about a huge task!  See above! DO A VIDEO.)

Are You Ready To Play?

Write to Jeff at MassageModeling@yahoo.com

***  Watch your SPAM Folder For Jeff's Response, In Case It Winds Up There  ***


Please Be Sure To Include The Following:

1.  Name, Age and Marital Status

2. Phone Number

3.  Whether Jeff Should Call or Text

4.  City and State You Live In

5. Details Regarding What You Are Seeking

6.  At Least 3 Photos That Include Your Face.

One Of These Photos Needs To Be A Full Nude.

Thanks!  I'll Be In Touch Soon.  Jeff Harder