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Are You A Filipina or Asian Lady Craving An Incredible Time?  To Be Spoiled Like Never Before?


I'm Jeff Harder, and I can make it happen for you!  Just imagine, feeling free and safe to get naked and realize your wildest fantasies.  There's absolutely nothing better!  Most women fantasize of doing just that, especially if it's on video - but most never do what they truly want, feeling they're too shy, not hot enough or because they're married.  I don't care if you're married - in fact, I much prefer it!  I would just love to help you fulfill your fantasies and treat you to an experience that will leave you thoroughly spoiled, satisfied and feeling SO good about yourself.  And the video?  It will only be on a very private platform (OnlyFans), and won't show up on search engine results or be plastered all over the internet, like it would be if you did a shoot with a commercial porn company.  


You'll be free to get naked, have fun and have an incredible experience you will always remember.


I'm an experienced video director and porn star living in Tacoma, Washington.  If you've read over my site well you know that I am a true lover of women.  A lady's orgasms and satisfaction are always my number one goal.  I've always just been like that.  I am a giver of pleasure, and someone who loves fulfilling the fantasies of women, whether it be the thrill of extramarital sex, doing a threesome or group sex, having sex with another woman, being submissive and experiencing everything, anal sex or the incredibly popular fantasy of having sex on camera.  Getting naked and cutting loose on camera is just awesome!


We only live once, so why not experience everything in life that you can?  I've been blessed to have had sex with over 300 women in my lifetime, most of them through porn and swinging. I've had on camera sex with 18 year old girls, women in their 40's and everything in between.  I've fucked single women, divorced women and a LOT of married women.  I've even fucked married women while their husbands watched!  Pretty wild, huh?  I have been fortunate enough to have sex with women of all ethnic backgrounds, and have had great anal sex with virtually all these women.  What can I say, I'm talented, ha ha!  And you might by now be able to guess my favorite - Filipina and Asian Women!  


I can honestly say I have never understood why so many people are ashamed of sex.  Most women fantasize about having sex on camera, but few act on it because of feelings of shame - which really is a shame!  There's something very special about actually fulfilling your fantasies and doing what you really want to do.  Women have very powerful experiences on camera.  They feel a sense of vindication, I guess you'd call it - feeling that shame just vanish as they have a mind blowingly good time on camera.  A tremendous self esteem boost happens, and it lasts.  You just feel so very good about yourself, so happy to fulfill your fantasies, you feel great about your body and the new sense of acceptance you feel - and of course the fun and the orgasms you feel are a really nice bonus to the experience!


Why the fascination with Filipina and Asian women?  I honestly don't know.  I love fucking all kinds of women, because I love giving them special experiences, lots of orgasms and even more satisfaction.  I love giving them highly erotic experiences they have never had.  I love fulfilling fantasies.  But the Filipina and Asian women I have been with?  There's just something about them that's very special.  If I could fuck just one ethnicity of women on camera, it would be Filipina and Asian women, no doubt.  I just love you!


What would you like to do?  What are your fantasies? That's what's so great about what we do - it's all about you and taking care of you like never before, safely and securely.  We always start out with a photo shoot, doing glamour and nudes.  You'll feel SO special!  Then we skip to the good stuff!  You can get one of Jeff's world class, oh so exciting Swedish and sensual massages, then have some great one on one sex.  Want to have sex with a woman?  Get some anal training that will leave you loving anal?  Do a threesome?  Something else?  It's ALL possible for you! 


So, are you ready to get naked, check your inhibitions at the door and have an incredible, erotic experience that words cannot describe?  I would love to take some awesome glamour and nude photos of you, and fuck you senseless on camera.  I would love to fulfill your fantasies - all you need to do is tell me about them!  I would love to make you feel more special than ever.

Whether you want to make money or just have fun, I would love to take care of you!  This is a very private and safe way for you to cut loose and have the time of your life.  For women wanting to make money, we'll teach you the secrets of attracting paying fans to your page.  If you just want to have fun, let's do it!  And remember, our videos are NOT out there, publicly viewable.  Only fans who have paid to see our content will see it.  Everyone else will not.

Explore my site well, then click on the APPLY link.  As long as you are shaved or waxed bare (no pubic hair) STD free and Covid vaccinated, you are welcome!  I can't wait to get your application, then get you set up for your very special and erotic day with us!


Jeff Harder