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1.  Glamour and Nude Modeling

2.  Videos for Content Creators

3.  Applying for PA (Production Assistant)

4.  Private Shoots and Encounters

5.  Swedish and Sensual Massage Sessions

Submit your application to get into our talent pool of creators.  Unfortunately, I cannot keep track of conversations on a multitude of different platforms and remember the ladies who are interested in shooting. 


The only way you can be eligible to shoot is by applying.


We do GROUP SHOOTS. I want to be sure everyone is safe, have a great time and makes a lot of money, so I do the responsible thing: I require applications, and discreetly screen applicants to be sure we don't get a person involved who will ruin a shoot.  Your understanding is appreciated!


If you are not in the Seattle-Tacoma area, I will get in contact when we have extra funds so we can help get you here to do a fun and profitable shoot with us!

Remember - you do what YOU want to do!  There's absolutely no pressure for you to do anything you aren't ready to do or don't want to do.  Let's have a great time and make money!

You must include your real, full name and your real phone number (not WhatsApp or some anonymous texting app) to apply.  Don't worry, your information and photos will be held in strict confidence.


Submitting your application and photos does not obligate you in any way - doing so just gets you consideration for what you want to do.  You're free to accept or pass on any offer.


After applying, email me at MassageModeling@yahoo.com to confirm you have applied. Watch your SPAM folder for a reply, in case my email winds up in your SPAM / filtered folder. Thanks!


STD screening (unless you are only doing Glamour and Nudes) is requiredand you must be fully Covid vaccinated.  We play and stay safe!


^^^  Primary Screening Photos  ^^^


Your primary screening photo MUST be a full frontal nude that includes your face (smile!). 


Do not wear sunglasses, obscure your identity in any way or try to hide your body.  We need to see all of you. 


Please be shaved or waxed bare, look into the camera (or mirror) and give us a big smile!  Your screening photos do not need to be professional, but should be well lit and in good focus.

Mirror selfies are okay as long as your face and body are fully visible.


When you see the shot you want, look into the mirror rather than looking at your phone.

2 other nude photos are needed, and be sure to include your face.  These can be nudes or photos of you having sex.  Ideally, we see you from the side and rear in these additional photos.  Your 4th photo should be a normal, clothed photo like you might post on social media.  


Please complete the application in full.

Remember to apply using your full, legal name.

NOTE:  We do not shoot bi or gay male activity.

This is a business opportunity.  I'm a professional, and look for professional behavior from models.  I will not communicate through anonymous text apps. 


I will call you - so please, DO NOT USE AN ANONYMOUS TEXT APP.  Thank you!


Be sure to apply today so you don't miss out on the fun!  Thanks! 


Jeff Harder

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