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Model Application


Read the instructions, fill out the form below to

discreetly apply, with no obligation, for:


1.  Glamour and Nude Modeling

2.  Videos for Content Creators

3.  Applying for PA (Production Assistant)

4.  Private Shoots

5.  Swedish and Sensual Massage Sessions

*** You MUST APPLY to be considered. ***


Again, you must apply to be considered.  Some ladies who have done 

amateur modeling are used to proceeding informally.

We are doing collaborations, and as the person who is putting together 

groups for shoots I feel a RESPONSIBILITY to ensure everyone who 

comes to a shoot is a good, honest, decent person, so we can all 

have fun and make great content.  Screening applicants is a 

responsibility I take very seriously, and I hope you would appreciate that.


Your application and photos will be held in strict confidence and do not obligate 

you to do any kind of shoot, including fantasy fulfillment and massage sessions.


After applying, email Jeff Harder at MassageModeling@yahoo.com to confirm you

have applied.  Watch your SPAM folder for a reply from us, so you don't miss it if

the email winds up in your SPAM / filtered folder.  Thanks!


STD screening (unless you are only doing Glamour and Nudes) is required,

and you must be fully Covid vaccinated.  We play and stay safe!

Look At The Screening Photos Below


Your primary screening photo MUST be a full frontal nude that includes your face (smile!). 


A mirror selfie, like my friend Emily submitted, is okay as long as it's in focus and well lit.

When you see the shot you want, look into the mirror rather than look at your phone.

2 other nude photos are needed, and be sure to include your face.  These can be nudes or 

photos of you having sex.  Ideally, we see you from the side and rear in these additional 

photos.  Your 4th photo can be more of the same, or just a normal, clothed photo like 

you might post on social media.  That's actually what we prefer to see!


Complete the application in full.  If you don't include the requested photos, don't include 

your phone number or leave questions blank, we won't reply to you.


Your attention to detail and understanding are very much appreciated! 

Be sure to apply today so you don't miss out!  Thanks so very much! 


Jeff Harder


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Content Shoot / Private Shoot /
Massage Session Application

You Must Be 18 Or Older To Participate
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NOTE: If you are not considering doing video work you do not have to answer the sexual questions.
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Thanks for your application!


We'll be in touch with you soon!