We are a group of Content Creators and female models who work with female models and Content Creators to create awesome quality adult photo and adult video and amateur video content we all make a lot of money from.  We shoot in Tacoma, Washington and Seattle, Washington, doing glamour, candid, lifestyle and nude photos, as well as very high quality amateur adult video clips that are lots of fun to make!  Models wanted, Tacoma, Seattle, work for college students.  Models Wanted Model Models Modeling Photo Shoot Video Shoot Content Creator Collaborations Tacoma Seattle Washington 

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Content Creators are women (and sometimes men) who take advantage of the best opportunity out there for models, performers and entrepreneurs.


Content Creators use private platforms like OnlyFans and Fansly to monetize their content and earn long term, continuing income. 


Most people think of these platforms as being all about nudity and porn.


The truth is that you can do anything you like, build a constantly growing fan base and make a lot of money!


Do you only want to do clothed content?  You can do it!


Only want to do glamour content?  You can do it!


Only want to do nude content?  You can do it!


Only want to do adult content?  You can do it!


We are all about CHOICE and we'd love to help you succeed!


Of course women who do nude photos and videos and sex photos and videos tend to make the most money, but we want you to do what you're comfortable doing.  Truth be told, personality and engagement are what hook fans and keep them around, paying a monthly subscription, plus more to view your videos and perhaps photo sets, too.  Whatever you want to do, we'd love to help!

Basic Requirements:

1.  Shaved or Waxed Bare (no pubic hair)


2.  Covid Vaccinated and Boosted (no exceptions)


3.  Screened for STDs (unless just doing solo shooting)

4.  YOU choose what you want to do - we work with you!


We help you establish long term income and become successful, and we do it within your comfort limits.  What you do is your choice!

The most successful Content Creators partner with other creators, doing content collaboration shoots that earn everyone shared, lifetime rights to the photo and video material they make together.  This is what we do, and the content you'll own rights to will be fun to make and exceptional in quality.

Why get paid ONCE when you can do so much better?

Content Creators are repeatedly paid for their work.  Think about that!  Imagine earning many thousands of dollars over time for a shoot, versus just being paid a few hundred or maybe a thousand or so just once, never seeing another dollar.

Why not do better?

While this is a great opportunity, you want to get into content creation with knowledge, skill and an awareness of legal concerns.  You want to be prepared to succeed, and that's what we're here to do for you!  We will teach you everything you need to know about marketing, fan retention, use of social media, how to establish an alternate identity for your work (so it's separate from your personal life), fan engagement, legal issues and more.

We do very high quality group shoots, creating valuable content you can't make on your own - not even close!

We work WITH you and help you!  And it's totally free!

At every collaboration shoot you do with us you will earn rights to 75 to 100 photos (or more!) and anywhere from 5 to 20 video clips.  All of this material will cause your long term income to grow and grow!


From an informed business standpoint the best way to succeed in today's modeling and video industry is through Content Creation, not one time payment shoots.


The vast majority of women who try "doing" OnlyFans have a difficult time and wind up dejected and disappointed.  Why?

When you sell content and memberships on a private platform like OnlyFans you are in business, yet most people who try to become Content Creators either don't treat their venture as a business or just don't know what they are doing.

We help you with content, knowledge and a lot more!


You earn content rights, but if you're special and intent on one time payments, we may be able to do that for you (keep reading to learn more).

Do you want to do and be your very best?  It won't cost you a penny - we pay all production costs and you just win, win and win!  And not only do you get tons of free, exceptional content and learn a lot, we have nothing to do with your money!  All your income comes directly to you, from the platforms you use.


Join Us Today!


You Have Lots Of Options!


You Can Shoot With Us and Earn Content Rights!  We respect your comfort levels and strongly believe in consent.  You can do whatever you like, from clothed shoots to xxx shoots and everything in between.  It's all your choice!


You Can Do A Paid Shoot (no content rights paid)  If you don't want to become a Content Creator and make a lot more money, we do sometimes do one time payment shoots for exceptional models.  Submit an application to be considered for one time payment shoots as they come up.


You Can Hire Me For A Private Shoot.  Do you want your own content that you own yourself and no one else appears in?  I can do that for you!

Whether You're Just Starting In Content Creation or Want To Become More Successful, We Can and Would Love To Help You!

I'm Jeff Harder, from Tacoma, Washington.  I have a very lengthy background in photography and video production, starting in high school photography, when I won Best In Show awards at every competition I entered.  In the late 90's I formed Allure Pictures, a video production company that used real, local women having their first on camera sexual experiences.  I produced, directed and starred in the videos, which received very high ratings from Adult Video News, and became known as a professional, fun guy that women absolutely loved working with.

In the 2000's I took a long break from the adult industry to pursue other business interests.  I am now back as a Content Creator, meaning I no longer produce adult movies for commercial distribution.  Instead, any shoots I participate in are posted within the private paywalls of sites like OnlyFans.  I do Group Content Collaboration shoots with other content creators.  As a result I no longer hire models - instead, I work with models to help them become successful!

You need lifestyle, glamour and nudes to succeed on OnlyFans and other sites, and if you want to really succeed you also need sex videos.  With us everything you do will be high quality and valuable, as well as fun to shoot.  I use HD cameras, the best studio lighting on the market and great locations. 


It's a LOT better than your shot at home content!

IMPORTANT:  Some people think of this opportunity as "too businessy" or "too professional."  They want to collab informally, with other creators.

Well, you ARE in business.  If you want to do your very best and create the highest quality content that puts your competition to shame, you should definitely be shooting with us!  Aside from applying and the high quality nature of our shoots, we do have fun.  It's very much like getting together to have some fun with friends.  You'll have a lot of fun AND make a lot of $$$!

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You are in business when you are a Content Creator using OnlyFans and similar sites.  94% of new businesses in the U.S. fail within two years.  You don't have to be one of them!  What you need is knowledge, skill and business savvy, and we are here to help you do all of that - to be the best you can be!


I have 12 years of experience producing exceptional quality glamour, nude and adult photo and video material.  I use HD cameras, the most expensive video lighting on the market, great locations and, most importantly, use great composition and continuity, as well as a camera operator (no static cameras here - that's boring!).


If you'd like to be mentored, to get the help you need to succeed in a big way, that's what we're here for!  Join our Group Collaboration Shoot group and you'll be making a great investment in your future!


OnlyFans, Fansly and similar platforms that Content Creators use have what are called "Third Party Content" rules.  What does this mean for Creators?


Content Creators can only post videos and photos they appear in.  So if you shoot with other creators, they need to appear in your material in order to share rights to it.  If you're up for doing sex scenes, great, as everyone involved can use the material to earn long term income on their platforms.  If you are only comfortable doing solo, we can find a creative way to integrate myself and possibly others so we do not violate Third Party Content Rules.  We'll make it work for you!


Do what you want to do and feel comfortable with, whether it's glamour, lifestyle, nude or adult material.  I will help you become a successful creator, not only through content collaboration shoots, but also with the EDUCATION you need to succeed.  There's a lot you need to know, from marketing, advertising, successful fan engagement, legal concerns and more to how to produce and earn from your own exceptional quality material. You'll be learning from an industry pro, and it's free - what could be better?


Remember, if you just want your own material, whether for OnlyFans or your own private, personal use, you can hire me to do a private shoot.  

If you join our Content Collaboration Group, your comfort and limits will always be respected.  Do what's good for you - we'll make it work!


You Get What Your Fans Want - Making You More Money!


Fans on OnlyFans and similar platforms tend to get tired of the same old stuff, and virtually all of them want to see you having fun adventures.  You do need to engage with solo stuff, nudes and glamour, but when you can provide your fans with some exceptional, authentic xxx material is when your business will absolutely take off!  You can do this safely with us, and it'll be fun, too!

For the business minded, professional and fun loving ladies doing our group collaborations, we can do all of this, and more.  


Remember, what you do is your choice!


If you aren't ready to do sex videos or don't want to, we will modify your shoot so that we stay within your comfort levels.  We definitely want you to have a great time, succeed and only do what you truly want to do.

Here are the possibilities:

1.  Glamour Photos

2.  Lifestyle Photos

3.  Candid Photos

4. Nude Photos

5.  Explicit Photos

6.  Boy-Girl Sex Video Clips

2.  Girl-Girl Sex Video Clips

3.  Girl-Boy-Girl Threesome Video Clips

4. Solo Sex Video Clips

5.  Anal Sex Video Clips

Only fellow screened and approved creators will be at shoots.

Everyone will be fully STD screened and Covid vaccinated.


These are not amateur get togethers at someone's home or apartment.  We use very nice locations (usually a hotel suite), HD cameras, the most expensive video lighting on the market, and of course you benefit from my experience and expertise.  What we shoot will be amateur style, but the quality will be exceptional.


Join our Content Creation Group and you'll not only receive valuable, lifetime rights to everything you appear in, you'll have a lot of fun and learn a lot about vital things like fan engagement, marketing, legal concerns, professional photo and video production and more.  You don't work for us - you work with us, earning lifetime rights and achieving long term success.


Everything You Need To Succeed!  


We have nothing to do with your income.  You are paid directly by the platforms you use.  All we do is help you do your best, by providing high quality shoots, along with training, direction and advice.

You Can Shoot With Us To Earn Content Rights - Or Just To Have Fun!


If you are worried about your privacy, please don't be. There are ways to do content creation and not be exposed for the world to see! Done right, it's actually a very private, fun and lucrative venture that you'll love!


We help you accomplish this through:

A New, Separate Identity (Stage Name)

Separate, Distinct Marketing Not Using Your Real Name

Using Private, Closed Sites Like OnlyFans

Not Indexed By Search Engines - No Public Viewing or Browsing Of The Sites

Only Your Paid Fans Can View Your Material - It's Very Discreet and Profitable!

We shoot in nice hotel suites. Imagine shooting & staying here!


Here's an intro video with my friend, Emily, who had never even had a nude photo taken of her, not even a cell phone pic.  Yet doing porn was something she'd fantasized about and, knowing me well and trusting me, she pulled the trigger :-)

All our videos are shot reality style, like this video.  It's fun!

Emily and I had an incredible time, just as you will!

Although we shoot pro quality photos and videos, with HD cameras and the best studio lighting on the market, we shoot in a very real and engaging reality style, which is free flowing, a lot of fun and something your fans will love!  No static, tripod mounted camera that makes the viewer feel disappointed and uninvolved.  Our style makes your fans feel like they are right there!  They'll love it and spend lots of $$$ on you!


How Much Can You Earn? 


When I tell models the best opportunity by far for them is Content Creation I really mean it.  I'm not someone who is going to be making money from you.  You won't ever pay me a cent.  I'm just a good, caring person who wants to help women succeed.  Knowing what I know about the adult industry and the earnings potential of content creators, I truly have no earthly idea why a female model would want to do anything else!

My friend April, a married woman in her 40s, EARNS OVER $200,000 PER YEAR! April is business minded, works hard, is great at engagement and marketing, and makes good quality content.  She made over 200K in her very first year, and is a prime example of the potential of being a Content Creator.  Could you do as well as April?  Not many have what it takes, but if you are committed and learn the trade you can certainly do very well! 

AprilCali (2).jpg

Not many women are hard, dedicated workers like April, and that's okay.  But many women can earn $3000 to $8000 every month.  You can too!

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Think of the potential!  Are you ready to learn?  To participate in the creation of exceptional content?  To work hard, achieve great success and have fun?


Safety and Responsibility


I take the issues of safety and responsibility very seriously!  I want you to feel safe in every possible way, so you can have fun, create great content and make $$$$$!

* Proof of Covid vaccination and booster is required.

* Applicant screening, done without endangering your privacy in any way, is completed after a Creator applies.  I will know who you are, and you will know who I am, before a shoot invitation is made.  We only want very friendly, safe, fun loving people in our content creation group. 


* I will not communicate over anonymous texting apps - when you apply, be sure to include your real phone number so I can call you.


* A recent, negative STD/HIV screen is required of everyone who does video shoots.  We shoot natural sex, without condoms, so staying safe is important!

* No alcohol, drugs or guns are allowed at shoots.  We want everyone to feel safe and have great experiences.  This is why we also don't allow boyfriends or husbands to come watch or act as bodyguards for their ladies.  These situations tend to make other shoot attendees uncomfortable.  Only necessary people are allow on set.  

* No Pubic Hair Is Allowed. The bare look works best for this kind of work.  Please be shaved or waxed bare (waxed looks best), unless you're only doing non-nude modeling.  Thank you!  


* We shoot in nice hotel suites in the Tacoma / Seattle area.

We always start out our shoots with very nice, fun, Glamour and Nude Photo shoots.  The video shoot comes afterwards.  Remember, what you do is YOUR choice!


Can I Get A One Time Payment Instead of Content Rights?


Possibly, if you are versatile, genuinely want to have fun (in other words you're really into it, versus just wanting to make money).  We can't do one time payments often, but it is possible at times. Just keep in mind that you won't get any content rights, earning a lot less money than you could as a Content Creator.  We are unable to pay the sky high rates many new and inexperienced women think they should be able to earn.  We will pay a little less than industry standard rates for new women, typically $400 to $800 per video. 


If a one time payment is all you want and you're bi and open to anal, submit your model application and screening photos.  When there are excess funds in a shoot budget I'll extend an offer to you, which of course you are free to accept or decline.


Do we pay for TRAVEL EXPENSES?

Since we are a group of content creators working with you to help all of us make money, versus a production company, it's normally upon creators to get themselves to shoots - which is why we generally only recruit creators in the Pacific Northwest.  I do pay all shoot costs, however, and provide meals, as well as hotel rooms for out of town creators.

If you are super hot, bi and up for everything, I might fly you out for a 2 day shoot!  Being able to fly in a model in requires excess funds in a shoot budget, which doesn't happen on a regular basis.  If you'd like to be able to fly here on our dime, submit your model application and screening photos


If I really want to shoot with you I will find a way to make it happen, but keep in mind a lot of trust is required, since a high percentage of models no show in this situation, refunding their tickets and pocketing the money.  It's a common problem in the industry.  It's best you pay your own way here and we reimburse you for your travel.


If you are new and too nervous, you can work as a Production Assistant.

PAs work in the nude and help with photos and videos we shoot.  You can work for a one time cash payment or, better yet, with limited involvement you earn lifetime content rights to the videos you are in.

It's a great way to get started!  All you need to do is submit a model application. Specify in your application that you'd like to start with Production Assistant work.  Be sure to attach the same screening photos required of models.

Are You Ready?  We're Ready To Hear From You!


Just click one of the links below to get started, discreetly and without obligation.