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Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling

What would YOU rather do?


Get paid ONCE for your work, never seeing another cent for your work?




Get paid over and over, for years to come?

Since the advent of sites like OnlyFans many people have experienced the awesome phenomena of recurring income and exponential growth.  When you become a successful Content Creator you suddenly experience what only production companies enjoyed in the past, and it's a wonderful thing!

You are in control of your content, and it's you who makes very long term money, a LOT more money than you'd ever make receiving those one time payments.

With hard work and the right help, you can build a very nice income, even 6 figures or more per year!  How does that sound?

We are here to help you succeed, have fun and build wealth!

Hook up with us and you can do

  • Content Creation Collabs (payment is in content rights)

  • Paid Shoots (a one time payment, no content rights)

  • Production Assistant work (read on to learn more)

  • Private Shoots (you own all rights)

  • Fantasy Fulfillment / Swinging

  • Sensual Massage sessions

Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling

I'm Jeff Harder, (that's ^^^ me!) an experienced video director, performer and photographer in Tacoma, WA.  After 12 years of putting out award winning quality videos featuring real women (no porn stars), I retired from the industry, but am now back as a Content Creator, which is by far the best opportunity in today's market.

Since I am no longer a production company, I do not shoot commercial films and do not hire models or performers.  As a Content Creator I get groups of Content Creators together for fun, highly profitable shoots.  Instead of working for someone, you become a part of a talented, fun group that creates content you'll hold lifetime rights to - making a ton of money.  It's a total win win!


What's A Content Creator?


Content Creators are in business for themselves, using private, closed sites like OnlyFans to monetize (earn money from) the content that they own.

Content can be anything that's legal: Music, performing, entertaining reels, photos of your daily life, glamour and nude shoots, and even adult material.


Instead of just being paid once, Content Creators earn money from their content for years, and as they build up more content their income grows and explodes.


You Will Make A LOT More Money As A Content Creator!

During the 12 years I owned my production company the most amazing thing was how I constantly made money on all of my content.  Even videos made during my first year were selling 12 years later.  That's the tremendous benefit of owning content - and now, with the advent of OnlyFans and similar platforms, you can own content, monetize it and just keep making money, over and over! 

Successful Content Creators know what they're doing in all respects (legal, marketing, content production and more), and they also participate in Content Collaboration Shoots with other Content Creators.


We are Content Creators who do Group Content Collaboration Shoots in Tacoma, Washington.  Our shoots are very high quality, and are placed behind the private pay walls of sites like OnlyFans.  What does this mean for you?

Discretion!  Most women who want to try out nude modeling or porn never give themselves a chance because they are worried about people finding out.  If you do commercial porn, where you get a one time payment, it's pretty much guaranteed that everyone you know will find out, and you've got to be OK with that.

Become a Content Creator and shoot with us and it's a different story.  Your work will not be "out there" for all to see.  You won't come up on search engine results or see your work on free, publicly accessible sites.  It's the discreet, safe way to go!


You'll also make a lot more money as a Content Creator, assuming you know what you're doing and get the help you need.  We Are Here To help!

Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling

Something I commonly see from women I contact on various sites is that they don't understand the tremendous potential of becoming a Content Creator.  These ladies typically only want to "get paid" a one time fee.  When you go this route you are essentially being exploited and costing yourself thousands of dollars.

The Smart Way To Go Is To Become A Content Creator!


As a successful and knowledgeable professional with experience with my former company, Allure Pictures,  I am ready to help you become successful, and it costs you nothing.  All you need to do is attend shoots when you can have fun, earn rights to content you appear in and learn, learn and learn.

Shoot with us and you'll not only earn lifetime rights to awesome content you couldn't make on your own, you'll also get an education - one that, especially, keeps you legal and out of trouble.  I'll happily be your mentor - and it won't cost you anything!

Content Creators build wealthgetting paid repeatedly for their work, versus just being paid a small amount one time.  You earn a lot more money, essentially becoming a production company.  Why not do better?


We also do Paid Shoots with women who are not ambitious and do not want to become content creators.  I do hope if you fall into this category that you will at least learn more about the possibilities of becoming a creator, which will make you a lot more money and create a continuing income stream, with exponential growth.


Read on to learn more.  Please note, we do not discuss payment until a model has applied and we have offered a shoot, as every shoot budget is different.

Private Shoots are also a possibility, if you want your own, exclusive content, or if you just want to do a shoot for your own personal use.

If you're a fan and want to see Emily's content, go to BentBox.

Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling

Whether you do exciting sex scenes, glamour, pinup or nudes, or keep your clothes on, you will have fun at our shoots!  Our shoots are professional quality, but we'll treat you like you are a great friend - and chances are you will make some new friends through shooting with us.  Join us to have an awesome time!

Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling

Basic Requirements:

1.  Shaved or Waxed Bare (no pubic hair)


2.  Covid Vaccinated and Boosted *

* Exceptions sometimes made for those willing to be tested prior to a shoot


3.  Screened for STDs (unless just doing solo shooting)

Shoots are FREE for you to participate in!

At every collaboration shoot you earn rights to 100 or more photos and anywhere from 5 to 25 video clips.  That's a lot of content!


All of this material will cause your long term income to grow and grow!

Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling

When we talk money and potential is when women who aren't aware of the potential in content creation start thinking "scam" or "too good to be true."

This is not a scam, and it's not too good to be true.  You don't work for me.  We are all Content Creators, and we shoot together to help each other become more and more successful, with valuable, excellent quality content.

The Money Can Be Incredible!

These are actual, real figures - these women, and more, do really make this kind of incredible money!  But the difference between these successful ladies and all the rest is that these women know what they are doing!  They:


Create Great Quality Content


Know How To Market Themselves Effectively


Are Very Good At Fan Engagement and Retention


Get Help From Other Pros So They Can Do Their Very Best 


Anyone can do really well, earning 5K to 10K per month, but you have to be professional about it, you have to put in a lot of effort, and you need to be educated and smart.  That's where we come in - we help you with all of that!

Become a content creator and you will make money over and over, for years to come, and experience what business people call exponential growth.  


It's the smartest, most profitable decision you could ever make!


Recently L.A. Weekly, an alternative newspaper, researched OnlyFans and did a big story on top Content Creators.  Above are just 4 of the women highlighted in the article.  Three of the four are earning a NET INCOME of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and the other is very close!

Of course these are extreme cases, and most women don't have the knowledge and skills needed to really succeed, much less the help they need.  You can get the help you need, right here and now.  I want to help you succeed and do better!


Click Here To Read The Article

Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling

Want to reach your full potential?  Think like a business owner!


We DO NOT do commercial porn movies.  You will NOT become a porn star, and not everyone you know will "find out" about what you did.


We only do Content Creation shoots, which is a fun, discreet and profitable way to make $$$.  You Do NOT Have To Shoot Porn, or Even Get Naked!


We Shoot What YOU Want To Shoot!


You can do shoots to earn content rights, or paid shoots.  It's your choice!


Have you "done" OnlyFans and failed, or not done so well?

We're here to help you do better, from truly high quality content to the knowledge you need about marketing, fan engagement and retention, legal issues and a whole lot more.  We are here to help you succeed!


Shoot With Us and You'll Do So Much Better!

You'll Get Much Better Content Shooting With Us!

And Have Fun Doing It!


Join Us Today!  

Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling

How do our shoots go?

We only shoot with good, friendly, fun people who are STD free and Covid vaccinated.  Creators and models apply with us, so we can conduct discreet screening and ensure we have great shoots with great people.  We shoot in high end hotel suites with top notch studio lighting and HD cameras.

The first half of shoots are photo shoots - think Clothed, Pinup, Glamour, Implied and Nudes.  We may also shoot some tame, non-sex videos.

The second half of shoots are sex shoots.  If you're not participating you can leave after the photo shoot.  We want you to be comfortable and have fun!

We Only Invite Models Who Have Applied To Join Our Group


What about your boyfriend / husband?  If he is participating he can attend the shoot.  If not, all other models must be comfortable with his presence.  If even one model says no, then no, your guy cannot attend to watch.

If you don't want to do sex content, that's fine with us.


We'd love to help you!

You Will Have Fun As Well As Make A Lot Of Money!

I cover all the costs of shoots.  Shooting with us costs you nothing!


I help you with content, knowledge and a lot more!


You earn content rights, but if you're special and intent on one time payments, Jeff may be able to do that for you (keep reading to learn more).

No one has anything to do with your money!


All your income comes directly to you, from the platforms you use.

Here's a free video clip from Emily's very first adult shoot.

Emily had an absolutely thrilling, awesome experience, and you will too!

Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling

How Do I Get Started? 


Finish Reading This Page, Then Submit Your Application and Screening Photos.


If you want to get a jump start on things, check out April, a married woman in her 40s, who EARNS OVER $200,000 PER YEAR! April is business minded, works hard, is great at engagement and marketing, and makes good quality content.  She made over 200K in her very first year, and is a prime example of the potential in this field.  Could you do as well as April?  Not many have what it takes, but if you are committed and learn the trade you can certainly do very well! 

Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling
Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling
Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling
Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling

Do we pay for TRAVEL EXPENSES?

Since we are a group of content creators working with you to help all of us make money, versus a production company, it's normally upon creators to get themselves to shoots - which is why we generally only recruit creators in the Pacific Northwest.  I do pay all shoot costs, however, and provide meals, as well as hotel rooms for out of town creators.

If you are super hot, bi and up for everything, I might fly you out for a 2 day shoot!  Being able to fly in a model in requires excess funds in a shoot budget, which doesn't happen on a regular basis.  If you'd like to be able to fly here on our dime, submit your model application and screening photos


If I really want to shoot with you I will find a way to make it happen, but keep in mind a lot of trust is required, since a high percentage of models no show in this situation, refunding their tickets and pocketing the money.  It's a common problem in the industry.  It's best you pay your own way here and we reimburse you for your travel.

Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling

If you are new and too nervous, you can work as a Production Assistant.

PAs work in the nude and help with photos and videos we shoot.  You can work for a one time cash payment or, better yet, with limited involvement you earn lifetime content rights to the videos you are in.

It's a great way to get started!  All you need to do is submit a model application. Specify in your application that you'd like to start with Production Assistant work.  Be sure to attach the same screening photos required of models.

Are You Ready?  I'd Love To Hear From You!


Just click one of the links below to get started, discreetly and without obligation.


OnlyFans content collaboration shoots models wanted Seattle Tacoma
Private sex video shoots for content creators, swingers and married women Seattle Tacoma swinging
Swedish and sensual massage sessions for women in Seattle and Tacoma Washington
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