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We are a group of Content Creators who work with female Content Creators to create awesome quality photo and video content we all make a lot of money from.  Shoot with us to have lots of fun and make lots of money, too!  We shoot in Tacoma, Washington and Seattle, Washington, doing glamour, candid, lifestyle and nude photos, as well as very high quality amateur adult video clips that are lots of fun to make! 

You use these photos and videos to make long term money on sites like OnlyFans, and we all profit from all the fun work we do together.  Why only get paid once for a shoot when you can keep getting paid forever, and you're in control?  Empower Yourself - Join Us Today!

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Want To Do Something Absolutely Life Changing?

Are You Ambitious, Professional and Love To Have Fun?

You Can Do All This, Be In Business For Yourself

Establish Long Term, Continuing Income

Best Of All, You Can Do It Safely and Anonymously!

If you are worried about your privacy, please don't be. There are ways to do content creation and not be exposed for the world to see! Done right, it's actually a very private, fun and lucrative venture that you'll love! We help you accomplish this through:

A New, Separate Identity (Stage Name)

Separate, Distinct Marketing Not Using Your Real Name

Using Private, Closed Sites Like OnlyFans

Not Indexed By Search Engines - No Public Viewing or Browsing Of The Sites

Only Your Paid Fans Can View Your Material - It's Very Discreet and Profitable!


What Would YOU Rather Do?

  • Model on your own, earning little pay or even paying for shoots

  • Do Adult Videos, where's there's little chance of much repeat work, you'll only be paid once and everyone you know will find out




  • Be your own boss as a Content Creator, earning long term money and a LOT MORE MONEY than you could doing videos or modeling, all in a much more private and discreet way

Seems Like A No Brainer To Us!


But You Need Help!  Likely you are not a Successful, Educated Business Owner and you probably know very little about the adult industry, marketing, advertising, fan engagement, industry legal considerations and, above all else, how to professionally produce very high quality content that sells and sells and sells.

This lack of knowledge leads to most women failing as Content Creators.


We Are Here To Help!  I'm Jeff Harder, and while I have 12 years experience as a pro video producer, director and performer, I am now a Content Creator, producing material that earns long term, recurring income on sites like OnlyFans, Fansly, etc.  It's a much more profitable way to go, a lot more fun and a lot more discreet.


Content Creators are in business for themselves.  Successful Creators do Content Creation Collaborations with other Creators, giving their fans more variety and producing content that generates a LOT more money for the Creators.

We Don't Pay Each Other In Cash - instead we Work Together to create money making content and we share the rights to that content.  We all benefit!

I Will Help You learn everything you need to know to become successful, and by joining our group and attending shoots you will earn Lifetime Rights to use all the material you appear in, both photo and video, for as long as you want. 


 Best Of All, This Costs You NOTHING!  I pay for all shoot costs, including a beautiful location, meals, hotel and sometimes travel, plus you get content produced by a pro, using HD cameras and studio lighting, that will make you a LOT of money!

What Could Possibly Be Better?


Hi!  I'm Jeff Harder, from Tacoma, WA.  I spent 12 years producing, directing and starring in a line of adult videos for my former company, Allure Pictures.  That's me in the photo above, doing a scene with two married, first time models, Alecia (center, from Colorado) and Melinda (left, from Florida) for a feature film called "Swami MD."  The movie got rave reviews and was SO much fun, especially for the three women who were all experiencing their first extramarital sex and first sex on camera.  It was a real thrill and an awesome time for everyone!

Click Here To See My Internet Adult Film Database page, where you can verify my professional history with my former company, Allure Pictures.

Sites that Content Creators use, like OnlyFans, Fansly, etc., DO NOT ALLOW THIRD PARTY CONTENT. This means that creators are only allowed to post material they appear in - so at content shoots we do videos and photos together, rather than separately. 


Your fans will love the material - $$$$$! 


If you are looking for a special experience without becoming a Content Creator, or only want to do solo content or exclusively with your partner, you can do a Private Shoot or swinging experience or Sensual Massage Session.


If you don't want to be exploited by the porn industry, if you're ambitious and business minded, if you want to really Have Fun and Make A Lot More Money, Content Creation is the way to go in today's modeling and adult industry.  You are in business for yourself, earning your fair share and more, and I help you every step of the way.

We help you become successful.  We pay for all shoot costs.  You pay us absolutely nothing.  All you do is benefit from our shoots and become successful!

We Share Rights To Everything We Create Together - It's Awesome!


We'll Help You Set Up Your Online Platforms and give you all the Training, Education and Direction you need. All you need to do is learn well, model well, perform well, have a great time and get ready to start earning a great, long term, recurring income!


Even better, you'll enjoy discretion in your work.  Search engines do not index pages or material on sites like OnlyFans and Fansly and your material will not be publicly accessible.  It will only be visible to your paying fans, for as long as they subscribe to you!


Did You Come Here From The SexyJobs Web Site?


SexyJobs Is A Job Board. Employers and models are not screened in any way.  There are many unprofessional people there, both "employers" and "models."  Some are scammers, some just want to get laid while they pretend to shoot a movie, and very few act in a professional manner and actually produce commercial material.


Experienced professionals do not make offers to women just because they have a listing on a site like SexyJobs, for a number of valid reasons. If someone floats you an offer without screening you first and speaking extensively via phone, run as fast as you can!

Like other professionals, we do not make an offer to women until there is trust and familiarity, especially now that we're solely into content creation shoots, where we are spending a lot of money to help the women we shoot with experience great life changes through higher incomes and becoming self employed.


You Must Apply To Be Considered For Shoots


Here's What You Get When You Join Our Shoot Group:


* Lifetime Content Rights To Everything You Participate In

* Very High Quality Content, Shot In Amateur Style -

Your Fans Will Absolutely Love It!

* 50 to 100 photos, Nude, Glamour and XXX, from every shoot

* 5 to 20 video clips - Solo, B/G, G/G, Anal (if you're good with it - I love it), 3somes and more, from every shoot

* All the production, engagement, legal and marketing knowledge you need to succeed!

* We shoot in nice hotel suites. Imagine shooting & staying here!


I truly love making women feel special and beautiful. 


Do you like attention and lots of compliments?  Are you ready to feel valued, loved and adored, as well as more desirable and gorgeous than ever before?


That's what happens when you shoot with us!  My absolute favorite outfit for models is the lady in black - especially a black bra, black garter belt, no panties and black nylons.  Oh My God!  I absolutely LOVE that look.  What a turn on!


Okay, we don't really have a Content Creator School!  But I do fully educate creators who work with us, whether they are new or already working as creators, to help them achieve the best possible success.  You'll learn about fan engagement and retention, how to stay legal in the adult industry, create adult social media profiles on sites like OnlyFans, Fansly, ManyVids and more, as well as how to market your pages, through discreet postings on social media pages like Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.  I'll also teach you how to create a stage name and use your new, discreet identity to create these social media profiles, which helps with keeping your privacy safe and intact.

Here's a free video for you of me and my very long term friend, Emily, naked and playing together for the first time - on camera!  Our female camera operator no showed (no shows are never invited back again, by the way), so I had to shoot this POV (point of view) style.  When we do videos we always shoot for true reality, with a lot of engagement with the camera, which in turn is the viewer. This turned out great, even though we had to do POV, with me holding the camera.


Have You Already Tried OnlyFans?


I have subscribed to the accounts of hundreds of women, to see what they are doing, and talk about joining our content group if a woman is near us.  What I see 98% of the time is poor quality, shot at home content, poor engagement strategy, infrequent posting, legal violations and ineffective marketing.  All this results in a distinct lack of success, and leads many women to give up early on what could have been a great thing - if only they had gotten the help they needed and really knew what they were doing. There are quite a few women who make a good living going it on their own - but they could do so much better partnering with other creators like us.


Are you one of these ladies who "tried" OnlyFans but haven't done so well?  


If so, we would LOVE to help you succeed!

What about the other 2%?  These are women who are earning very good livings, some of them even becoming very wealthy, because they know what they are doing.  They post high quality content, are experts at fan engagement and great at marketing.  Wouldn't you like to become one of them and do incredibly well?  We'd Love To Help!


 We Are Here To Help!  Join Us Today!


Content Creation isn't only about sex, or even adult material.  We start every shoot with a Glamour, Lifestyle, Candid and Nude photo shoot. It's a lot of fun!  You'll get lots of great images to use on your pages, to add to your portfolio or just keep and cherish.  We love to help women have fun and look and feel their very best!

Here's an intro video with my friend, Emily, who had never even had a nude photo taken of her, not even a cell phone pic.  Yet doing porn was something she'd fantasized about and, knowing me well and trusting me, she pulled the trigger :-)

All our videos are shot reality style, like this video.  It's fun!

We shoot a lot of glamour and nudes, too -  not just sex!

Emily and I had an incredible time, just as you will!

Although we shoot pro quality photos and videos, with HD cameras and the best studio lighting on the market, we shoot in a very real and engaging reality style, which is free flowing, a lot of fun and something your fans will love!  No static, tripod mounted camera that makes the viewer feel disappointed and uninvolved.  Our style makes your fans feel like they are right there!  They'll love it and spend lots of $$$ on you!


How Much Can You Earn? 


When I tell models the best opportunity by far for them is Content Creation I really mean it.  I'm not someone who is going to be making money from you.  You won't ever pay me a cent.  I'm just a good, caring person who wants to help women succeed.  Knowing what I know about the adult industry and the earnings potential of content creators, I truly have no earthly idea why a female model would want to do anything else!

My friend April, a married woman in her 40s, EARNS OVER $200,000 PER YEAR! April is business minded, works hard, is great at engagement and marketing, and makes good quality content.  She made over 200K in her very first year, and is a prime example of the potential of being a Content Creator.  Could you do as well as April?  Not many have what it takes, but if you are committed and learn the trade you can certainly do very well! 

AprilCali (2).jpg

A Filipina I know, "PineSoul," earns upwards over $500,000 PER YEAR.  She's probably no more knowledgeable than April, but is much younger, in great shape, and posts great quality content.  So far she only posts photos and videos shot from a tripod and only does scenes with her boyfriend. She does lots of anal sex and ass to mouth, is 100% engaged with the camera (and hence, the viewer) and genuinely has a great time while shooting.  If they ever open up to shooting with others these two will be millionaires!

Not many women are the hard, dedicated workers that April and PineSoul are, and that's okay.  But many women can earn $3000 to $8000 every month.  You can too!

Follow April on Instagram!


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 Follow PineSoul on Instagram!


Think of the potential!  Are you ready to learn?  To participate in the creation of exceptional content?  To work hard, achieve great success and have fun?


Safety and Responsibility


I take the issues of safety and responsibility very seriously!  I want you to feel safe in every possible way, so you can have fun, create great content and make $$$$$!

* Proof of Covid vaccination and booster is required.  SARS-CoV-2 is not a political issue.  It's a health issue.  We live in the real world and will not expose our Creators to people who are more likely to be infected and pass on the virus.  You absolutely must be fully vaccinated, and boosted if 6 months beyond initial vaccination.  No exceptions.

* Applicant screening, done without endangering your privacy in any way, is completed after a Creator applies.  I will know who you are, and you will know who I am, before a shoot invitation is made.  We only want very friendly, safe, fun loving people in our content creation group.  I will not communicate over anonymous texting apps - when you apply, be sure to include your real phone number so I can call you.


* A recent, negative STD/HIV screen is required of everyone.  We shoot natural sex, without condoms, so staying safe is important!

* No alcohol, drugs or guns are allowed at shoots.  We want everyone to feel safe and have great experiences.  This is why we also don't allow boyfriends or husbands to come watch or act as bodyguards for their ladies.  These situations tend to make other shoot attendees uncomfortable.  Only necessary people are allow on set.  

* No Pubic Hair Is Allowed. This is a strong personal preference and looks best for this kind of work.  Please be shaved or waxed bare (waxed looks best).  Thank you!  


* We shoot in very nice, high end hotel suites in the Tacoma / Seattle area.

We always start out our shoots with very nice, fun, Glamour and Nude Photo shoots.  The video shoot comes afterwards.  If you're really nervous about doing video content and you're really hot, I might just do a photo shoot with you as a favor! 


Your Comfort and Consent are very important!

While sex videos are the huge money makers for Content Creators, we realize not every lady will be ready to jump right into doing it all.  We want you to feel comfortable and safe, and will never ask you to do anything you're not fully ready to do.  One thing to learn, though, is the work is not personal, it's professional.  You're not cheating on your husband or boyfriend.  While shooting video content will be fun and very pleasurable, no one is going to try to steal you away from your significant other.  There are boundaries.


Content rules on most platforms require a creator to be a participant in all the material uploaded to his or her account.  The purpose of our content creation shoots is to create material we all benefit from - so it's best if you participate in the videos we shoot at our collaborative shoots.  If you don't, myself and other creators present will not be able to use material if it only features you.  But we can work something out!


Let's say you're not ready to have sex with another person on camera.  You could do solo videos, with very limited interaction from me and/or my models - think nipple licking and sucking, stroking you, that sort of thing.  This is an issue for some women and I do appreciate it - we can definitely talk and work something out that is good for all of us.


If you want to only do girl/girl to start we can do that (virtually all our Creators are bi or bi curious), with some limited interaction from me.  And don't forget - we do a lot of excellent, really fun Glamour and Nude photos too!

With time and experience I'm sure your trust and confidence will grow, you'll become friends with me and other creators, and you'll feel fully ready to do it all on video - upping your online content income considerably in the process and having a lot of fun.

Can I Get Payment Instead of Content Rights?

Garter3 - Copy.jpg

Possibly, if you are versatile, genuinely want to have fun (in other words you're really into it, versus just wanting to make money).  We can't do one time payments often, but it is possible at times. Just keep in mind that you won't get any content rights, earning a lot less money than you could as a Content Creator.  We are unable to pay the sky high rates many new and inexperienced women think they should be able to earn.  We will pay a little less than industry standard rates for new women, typically $400 to $600 per video. 


If a one time payment is all you want and you're bi and open to anal, submit your model application and screening photos.  When there are excess funds in a shoot budget I'll extend an offer to you, which of course you are free to accept or decline.


Do we pay for TRAVEL EXPENSES?

Since we are a group of content creators working with you to help all of us make money, versus a production company, it's normally upon creators to get themselves to shoots - which is why we generally only recruit creators in the Pacific Northwest.  I do pay all shoot costs, however, and provide meals, as well as hotel rooms for out of town creators.

If you are super hot, bi and up for everything, I might fly you out for a 2 day shoot!  Being able to fly in a model in requires excess funds in a shoot budget, which doesn't happen on a regular basis.  If you'd like to be able to fly here on our dime, submit your model application and screening photos


If I really want to shoot with you I will find a way to make it happen, but keep in mind a lot of trust is required, since a high percentage of models no show in this situation, refunding their tickets and pocketing the money.  It's a common problem in the industry.  It's best you pay your own way here and we reimburse you for your travel.


There are lots of things you can do you'll feel comfortable with!

You can HIRE US to do a Private Shoot with you, with involvement with me and my models only if you want it, or by yourself or with your own partners.  You'll get the same very high quality, engaging content you'd get from working with us on a shoot, but you will own the content, you will be in total control of what you do and no one else will use your material. 


I have a lot of experience in swinging, usually sex with married women, sometimes in front of their husbands.  If you'd like a private experience like this, submit a model application and specify what you want to happen. CLICK HERE to learn more, and submit a Model Application and screening photos to get the ball rolling on your exciting adventure of a lifetime!


If you are new and too nervous, you can work as a Production Assistant.

PAs work in the nude and help with photos and videos we shoot.  You can work for a one time cash payment or, better yet, with limited involvement you earn lifetime content rights to the videos you are in.

It's a great way to get started!  All you need to do is submit a model application. Specify in your application that you'd like to start with Production Assistant work.  Be sure to attach the same screening photos required of models.

Are You Ready?  We're Ready To Hear From You!


Just click one of the links below to get started, discreetly and without obligation.