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We Are Content Creators Who Work With Other Creators


That's right - I'm Jeff Harder, a Content Creator with a lot of experience as a pro video producer, director and performer.  I know what I am doing an can produce content that very few creators can even come close to matching.  Our content is really incredible, because I am a trained, highly experienced professional with HD cameras and studio lighting.

Before you say "I tried OnlyFans," let's think about that for a minute.  94% of new U.S. businesses fail within 2 years.  OnlyFans and online creators?  The failure rate is even higher!  This happens because people become creators without knowing how to effectively and legally run their business, and if you are a Creator, you are in business.  These people who fail simply don't know what they doing, from low quality content to low or even none existent marketing and advertising, as well as ineffective fan engagement and retention.

Chances are you don't know what you're doing.  I am here to help!  NOT AS YOUR BOSS OR EMPLOYER.  I AM HERE TO WORK WITH YOU!

Imagine having someone experienced and nice to teach you, mentor you and do everything possible to help you become successful.  Someone who becomes a friend, someone you trust, someone who works with you instead of being your boss or employer.

Someone into modeling and content creation, someone who will care about you, show you an absolutely great time and treat you with respect.  That's what you get here! 

Why would anyone want to subject themselves to one time payment shoots and very little longevity as a model or adult performer?  You don't have to!


My name is Jeff Harder, and I am a voice of experience, having owned and operated Allure Pictures for 12 years.  I produced, directed and starred in a line of award winning quality videos, with lots of married women and first timers as my co stars.  The experience was a lot of fun for everyone, as well as profitable over the long term.  Since I paid models a one time fee (typically $400 to $1000, rates that are about the same today) I owned all the rights to the material, and made money on it for years to come.  There's nothing better than to keep getting paid!


I quit the adult industry when it became flooded with videos (over 15,000 per year!), degrading the value of individual productions.  For years I missed doing adult shoots, but didn't re-enter the industry because it wasn't a good business choice.  That all changed recently, with the launch of adult platforms like OnlyFans, which allow individuals to become producers, creating content and earning very long term money.  A number of women are earning over $100,000 per year, and some are earning over ONE MILLION DOLLARS per year!

What's Not To Love About That?


I am back now, as a Content Creator.  I do group content creation shoots in Tacoma, Washington, with other content creators.  We collaborate with our models so we can shoot material everyone loves and is comfortable with.  You don't have to shoot porn!  You can do clothed, bikini, lingerie, topless, nudes or anything else you love.

We are fellow Content Creators, hooking up with you to help you in every way possible, including making incredible, fun, valuable content.  You don't work for us - we all work togther!


We're All About Consent and Choice


OnlyFans is NOT all about porn!  The really big money comes from sex videos and photos, but if your engagement and marketing are good you can make bank on other material, too.

Our shoots are for nearly all women!  You only do what you want to do.  You can even keep your clothes on throughout your modeling experience, if you like.  Are you 18?  60?


Or somewhere in between?  We'd love to shoot with you even if you're far from perfect.  Big boobs and a slender body are not required - though a hairless pussy (waxed preferred), a great attitude and a desire for adventure are!  Do you want to do a private shoot just for fun?  Keep reading, because we can make it happen for you!

Watch Emily Rose's Interview Video


She is stoked to get naked and have fun on camera for the first time.  So will you!


Wondering if you're good enough?


Of course you are!  Every woman is beautiful and desirable.  But many ladies live their lives thinking of themselves as flawed, even not desirable.  Many married women aren't taken care of at home, and I absolutely love giving them what's missing in their lives, whether that happens on or off camera.  I just truly, absolutely adore and love women.


Getting naked and having fun on camera is an experience every woman should have!  When you get naked, shedding aside your inhibitions and, yes, shame, something absolutely wonderful will happen to you.  You'll feel great about yourself and your body, and the experience of having sex on camera will be overwhelmingly positive and reaffirming.  You'll love it!

We love to take care of all kinds of women!


During my commercial porn career I had a popular web site, and our videos were marketed as being shot in the Seattle area, with real, everyday amateur women.  As a result I was recognized a lot when I was out in public, and at least once or twice per month a married woman would approach me, like at Safeway, compliment me on my videos and tell me they'd fantasized about having sex with me.  I think this might freak out some people, but I loved it!

Usually I would accommodate these ladies, often at their nearby homes, after I abandoned my shopping cart full of groceries.  I have always loved having sex with married women, and lucky for me all these married ladies wore their wedding rings for me while I fucked them - and they all did it all, including anal sex and ass to mouth.  Talk about taboo fun!


My first video partner was Marsha, a married Registered Nurse and Mom from the area who had only had sex with two men, both of them husbands.  Marsha wanted to get naked, cut loose, toss her inhibitions aside and do what she'd always wanted to do.  We did several videos, including a threesome, and Marsha went wild!  We became swinging partners, seeking out women to have sexual fun with.  Marsha even got into private stripping.  She was so much fun!

So, while I love to film and photograph everything, sometimes I will do more private fun, too.  And I am not super picky -  I just love women, and love pleasing them.  As long as you're positive, STD free and shaved or waxed bare, I'm ready for you!

Ready to have private fun or make great $$$$$?

Click Here To Apply!


You Have A Choice To Make

Do you want to do commercial porn?  A lot of women seem to think they'll get rich by doing commercial videos.  You won't.  If you get any work, there won't be much of it.  But your images and videos will wind up plastered all over the internet, and I can guarantee your family and friends will see what you did.  In nearly every case your family and friends will react as if you've committed some sort of heinous crime.  They will judge you and make you feel absolutely horrible.  This is hypocrisy at its worst, as they would not have found your material if they weren't looking at porn themselves.  You do not want to go through this.  It happened to me when I was doing commercial porn, and I know several women who went through this too.

Want To Become A Content Creator?  This is the way to go!  All the negatives of commercial porn are just not present.  You will own your material, and it will only be available behind the private paywalls of sites like OnlyFans, where material is not indexed by search engines.  You'll enjoy a lot of privacy, which you don't get doing commercial porn.  You'll make a lot more money, we'll teach you a lot and you'll have a great time at our shoots.

OnlyFans shoots Tacoma Seattle Models wanted modeling jobs work adult videos

I'm Jeff Harder, from Tacoma, WA.  I am a highly experienced adult video director, producer and performer (porn star), but now I work solely as a Content Creator.  You should consider doing the same!


Imagine doing shoots with trusted, fun friends.  Having the time of your life, knowing you will make money for years, money that can and will change your life for the better.  You'll always feel safe, be treated like a princess and have a great time.  And best of all, you'll never be treated like a commodity or worse, plus you'll be making a lot more money than you ever would from a one time payment shoot.


So, would you rather just be paid once for your work, or make a lot of money, month after month, year after year for your modeling?

The answer is easy!  Become A Content Creator!

The adult video industry is a shadow of its former self, with fewer videos being shot and pay ranges that are very low.  Opportunities are few for women, and most women never get a shot at all.  Content Creation is the way to go now!

Everything is a PLUS for Content Creators!

In the United States 94% of all small businesses fail within the first two years.

The failure rate for Content Creators using OnlyFans, etc., is even higher.

Have you tried OnlyFans and failed, or hesitated to try because you're worried about failure or disappointment?

The reason so many fail as Content Creators is they don't know what they're doing.  I see these ladies making so many mistakes, and most often when I try to help they don't reply at all.  So many creators fail, but if they knew what they were doing they could make a lot of money for a long period of time.

I can help you become successful.  You could wind up with a 6 figure or even 7 figure income!  Think of it - financial independence, a new car, a new home, vacations, being your own boss, having fun shooting content . . . it's an awesome life!  And best of all, you are in business for yourself and you control and own your content.  You make as much money as you like for as long as you want!

The least successful Content Creators know nothing about marketing, fan engagement or retention, legal concerns or how to make excellent quality content that will keep your fans paying their monthly memberships, as well as paying to view videos.  It's easy to spot all the true amateurs on OnlyFans - and they never meet or exceed their potential.

The most successful Content Creators earn boatloads of money and change their lives so much for the better than you could imagine.  These people seek help from knowledgeable, professional people who know what they're doing, and they participate in shoots with these mentors, called "Content Collaboration Shoots."  These shoots help you in every way imaginable!  You get a real education, plus you earn rights to exceptional quality content you could never make on your own.  Fans want to see well lit, well composed, high quality content that is very real, exciting and fun.

I help new female Content Creators succeed by inviting them to my group shoots in Tacoma, WA, where they earn lifetime rights to everything they appear in.  At my shoots I also offer extensive education in marketing, fan engagement and retention, legal considerations and a lot more.  You will be SO glad you shoot with us!  We have a lot of fun, make great quality content and enjoy the privacy of shooting for platforms like OnlyFans, where images are not indexed by search engines or viewable by the general public.  Everything about content creation is a big plus!

All shoots are in Tacoma, Washington.  Coming to join us for shoots may be a bit of a trip for you, but it's an incredible investment in your future and very worthwhile!

If you just want to have fun, I can help you with that too!

Want To Shoot With Us?  Click Here To Apply Today!

Fucking for fun, swinging, married, affairs, threesome, fantasy fulfillment, Tacoma, Seattle

There's nothing better than experiencing true sexual freedom and doing what you want to do.  Everyone should experience it!


I tend to film and photograph everything I do. You can have your fun on camera, with me and other models, and make money from it or choose to do it for fun.  If you want to have fun without the images and videos being used in any way, you can do a Private Shoot.  You will have the time of your life and own all rights to the photos and videos we shoot.  You can also go for a Sensual Massage Session and get really spoiled!

Want To Have Fun With Us?  Click Here To Apply Today!


What Are YOUR Options?


When thinking of adult platforms like OnlyFans, most women instantly think "porn," but in reality there's a wide variety of material on these platforms.  I know of a non-nude Asian model who's doing very well with tease and fetish material - without even getting naked.

The most lucrative content are sex videos, which we do at the end of our shoots.  First up are the photo shoots, which are a lot of fun.  We follow with video clip shoots, for those who want to participate and gain that awesome revenue stream.  Again, you do what you want to do.  No matter your choices, we'd love to help!

Here's what you can get when you do shoots with us in Tacoma, Washington.

  • Content Creation Collabs (payment is in content rights)

  • Paid Shoots (a one time payment, no content rights)

  • * You must have an OnlyFans page to do paid shoots *

  • Production Assistant work (read on to learn more)

  • Private Shoots (you pay and own all rights)

  • Fantasy Fulfillment / Swinging

  • Sensual Massage sessions

Emily Rose Seattle model first time fucking on camera.  Seattle Tacoma models and modeling

What Are Third Party Content Rules?


Third party content rules on sites like OnlyFans mean:


1. Everyone appearing in material must be a registered Content Creator, and 


2. Only those appearing in material can post the material and earn $$$. 

So, let's say you do a photo and video shoot with me, as well as two other female models, Abby and Julie.  We are all registered content creators, which is good.  For all of us to be able and use the material, we all must appear in the material.

And don't worry, we can and will be creative to ensure you are comfortable and have fun.  If you're not ready to have sex, you can perform solo or girl-girl, with me in the picture at times and interacting with you but stopping short of sex.  An example would be caressing you at times or sucking on your nipples, while you otherwise do solo or girl-girl.

Emily Rose (above) wasn't ready for oral sex or fucking on camera, but she was ready to be caressed, fucked with a dildo and have her pussy and ass finger fucked.  As you can see, she's having a great time!  And you will, too  :-)

Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling

Basic Requirements:

1.  Shaved or Waxed Bare (no pubic hair)


2.  Covid Vaccinated and Boosted *

* Exceptions sometimes made for those willing to be tested prior to a shoot


3.  Screened for STDs (unless just doing solo shooting)

4.  All Models must APPLY

Shoots are FREE for you to participate in!

At every collaboration shoot you earn rights to 100 or more photos and anywhere from 5 to 25 video clips.  That's a lot of content!


All of this material will cause your long term income to grow and grow!


The Money Can Be Incredible!

This is Hanna Ray, a successful Content Creator right here in the United States.  Hanna does shoots with other Content Creators, and even though she is married, her husband understands this is business - pleasurable, but still business.  Hanna follows all U.S. federal laws that regulate pornography, she knows how to market herself and how to engage with and retain fans.  Speaking of fans, look how many paying fans Hanna has on her OnlyFans platform, how much they pay and what she earns every single month.

10,000 Fans

Each Pays $10 Per Month

Hanna's Monthly Earnings Are $80,000!

(after the 20% payment to OnlyFans)


Geez, can you imagine?  Sure, most women don't have the drive and abilities Hanna does, but many average women casn easily earn thousands of dollars per month, even tens of thousands, if they are knowledgeable, driven and are able to give their fans great quality content.

I know about all this stuff and can help you.

I want to help you!


Becoming a Content Creator and letting us help you will be the smartest, most profitable decisions you will ever make!

You can get the help you need, right here and now.  I want to help you succeed and do better!

Click Here Or On Hanna's Photo To Follow Her On IG

Click Here To Follow Us On IG


Click Here To Read More Success Stories

Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling

How do our shoots go?

We only shoot with good, friendly, fun people who are STD free and Covid vaccinated  (some exceptions are possible if you're willing to be tested upon arrival at our shoot).  We take our responsibility to have a fun, safe shoot with great people seriously, which is why we REQUIRE MODELS TO APPLY before having extensive online chats or phone conversations.  We will discreetly screen everyone, so you don't need to worry.  Our shoots are fun, with really cool people involved.

The first half of shoots are photo shoots - think Clothed, Pinup, Glamour, Implied and Nudes.  We may shoot some non-sex videos.

The second half of shoots are sex shoots.  If you're not participating you can leave after the photo shoot.  We want you to be comfortable and have fun.  If you're curious you can stay and watch!

We Only Invite Models Who Have Applied To Join Our Group


What about your boyfriend / husband?  If he is participating he can attend the shoot.  If not, all other models must be comfortable with his presence.  If even one model says no, then no, your guy cannot attend.  Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and safe, and we will not force anyone to feel uncomfortable for the sake of one model's wishes.

Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling

How Do I Get Started? 


Finish Reading This Page, Then Submit Your Application and Screening Photos. 

Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling

Do we pay for TRAVEL EXPENSES?

Since we are all Content Creators who are collaborating for the benefit of us all, in most cases women will need to take care of their own travel here, though we will provide lodging and meals.

If you are super hot, bi and up for everything, I might fly you out for a 2 day shoot!  Being able to fly in a model in requires excess funds in a shoot budget, which doesn't happen on a regular basis.  If you'd like to be able to fly here on our dime, submit your model application and screening photos


If I really want to shoot with you I will find a way to make it happen, but keep in mind a lot of trust is required, since a high percentage of models no show in this situation, refunding their tickets and pocketing the money.  It's a common problem in the industry.  It's best you pay your own way here and we reimburse you for your travel.

Models wanted Seattle Tacoma photo shoots video shoots model models modeling

If you are new and too nervous, you can work as a Production Assistant.

PAs work in the nude and help with photos and videos we shoot.  You can work for a one time cash payment or, better yet, with limited involvement you earn lifetime content rights to the videos you are in.

It's a great way to get started!  All you need to do is submit a model application. Specify in your application that you'd like to start with Production Assistant work.  Be sure to attach the same screening photos required of models.

Are You Ready?  I'd Love To Hear From You!


Just click one of the links below to get started, discreetly and without obligation.


OnlyFans content collaboration shoots models wanted Seattle Tacoma
Private sex video shoots for content creators, swingers and married women Seattle Tacoma swinging
Swedish and sensual massage sessions for women in Seattle and Tacoma Washington
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