Whether you want to become a successful content creator or you are just looking to have a fun and thrilling experience, our video shoots are definitely the way to go! 

OnlyFans and similar platforms pay you through two main ways:

1.  Recurring monthly subscriptions




2.  Pay per view video fees


Let's say you have 250 fans paying $10 per month.  That's $2500 per month.

Let's say 50 of those fans pay $25 to watch one video.  That's $1250 more!

You do effective marketing and engagement, continue to do shoots with us and do everything right.  Down the road you could have 1000 fans paying $10 per month.  That's $10,000!

Let's say 200 of those fans pay $25 to watch one video.  That's $5000 more!

BUT you have 25 videos to offer now - just think how your income will explode!

This is what astute business people call recurring income with exponential growth.


That's one hell of a lot better than being paid just once for a shoot!


We do not shoot commercial adult movies for distribution.

We shoot 5 to 20 minute video clips for Content Creators to use on their private platforms, like OnlyFans, Fansly, etc.


Why not stand out from the crowd?


 That's exactly what my group and I are here for, as content creators - to help you succeed!

It doesn't cost you anything, but your time!

We will work with you, as a team, to produce the content you want and content that we will all benefit from. If you're not ready to have sex on camera with other creators, you don't have to.


You can do Solo, Girl-Girl, Boy-Girl, Anal, Fetish, whatever you want, as long as the content is legal.


We want you to be happy, have a great time and make a lot of money!

Keep reading to learn more about doing video shoots with us.

IMPORTANT: We do not shoot any bi or gay male activity at our shoots.


Want to do your own private video?  Go to Private Shoots for info.


Go to Content Creators 101 and read through it well if you haven't already visited the page.  

Our videos are shot Reality Style.  We play to and acknowledge the camera, as well as the camera operator.  It's a fun, free flowing way to positively depict real sexual encounters.

You'll have fun doing videos, and it's safe, too.  Everyone is Covid vaccinated and screened for HIV and STDs.  No drugs are allowed.  Just good, clean, fun, safe people and professional shooting - the way it should be!


You Don't Have To Be Perfect Or Young!

There's a place for everyone in Content Creation! 


Admittedly, I do prefer slender and thin models.  The more thin you are, the better it is to capture the shots we're looking for.  But we also support diversity and are inclusive, so we very likely will want to help you become successful.  In the world of Content Creators there's a place and niche for everyone, from the young and thin to middle aged Mom types!


As long as you are shaved or waxed bare (no pubic hair), positive, fun loving and ready to have the absolute time of your life, we are interested, whether you're 18, 55 or in between.  


We shoot in a reality style people absolutely love.  The camera is a part of the action, with the camera operator engaging the people on camera and vice versa.  We play to the camera a lot.  It's friends getting naked, having fun and filming it. It's very real and so much fun!


Models who do videos with us are a a small, select group of people who are nice, normal people. I am very picky about modelsensuring you will have a great time, be safe, have fun and make great content you cannot make on your own!

The video content you earn shooting with us will be very high quality, well shot, super hot and very popular with your fans, making you more money!  I am a firm believer in body acceptance, that every woman is beautiful, and that we only portray positive sexual experiences.  


Whether you are a model wanting great content and a great experience, or a single or married woman wanting to get naked on camera and have incredible, safe fun, we are here for you!  


Have A Great Day Like Klara Did!

Though our shoots are very professional, they are also a lot of fun!


Klara, a married mother and part time, amateur nude model, had never done porn, swinging or anything crazy or wild and fun.  In fact, she'd never had sex with anyone besides her husband - never!

She contacted me, saying her fantasy was to have sex with another guy while her husband watched, taking photos and video.  She wanted me to do it for her.  How could I say no to this absolutely gorgeous lady?


We had an absolutely incredible time!  There's nothing better than letting go of your inhibitions and having fun, doing things most people only dream about.  Klara enjoyed one of my Swedish and Sensual Massage Sessions (also available to models) first, then we got down to the really fun stuff.  A great time was had by all!  Not only was Klara blown away by the experience, but so was her appreciative husband!


If you'd like to have fun but don't want to be a Content Creator, you can do a Massage Session or Private Shoot.  I'd love to take care of you just like I did Klara! 


You can see me spoiling Klara on video at the Massage Sessions page.

If you're married, be sure to wear your wedding ring!  


Let's Have Some Fun!

Check out my friend Emily's introduction video.  Emily had never had a nude photo taken of her, not even a cell phone pic.


Emily really wanted to get naked on camera and experience a porn shoot, and since she knew me well and trusted me, the idea of doing her shoot with me was very appealing.  It was a bit strange, but one look at Emily's rocking body made me hard and we were good to go.  Emily had an incredible time and was happier than any girl who's ever shot with me!


Nervous or unsure about doing video?  You can be a Production Assistant!


PAs help out at shoots, from assisting with makeup to lending support to actually shooting stills and video, with my direction and assistance. It's a great chance for you to experience a sex shoot without actually doing one!


PA work is also a wonderful opportunity for you to learn about what goes into great video production and still photography.  You'll learn a lot!  PAs work in the nude, as they sometimes could inadvertently be in a shot.  Additionally, since we shoot an in your face, total reality style, models will be looking into the camera and talking, and you'll be talking to them too.  It's total reality, and fun! 


PAs more often than not want to join in a scene, so you may want to have your STD screen with you, in case you want to join.


If you would like to come to a shoot as a Production Assistant, complete a model application and send your screening photos, and include in your application that fact you want to do PA work.


We'll get back to you ASAP and see about inviting you to a fun shoot!


So, How Does This All Work? 


Once you submit your Model ApplicationI will get in touch by email and by phone.  We will get acquainted and build trust.  I will honestly answer any and all questions you might have.

I do not engage in extended online chat with "models" who have not applied!  The reason is simple: there are simply too many phonies and catfishers out there who love to waste your time.  I own two businesses and do not have time for that kind of stuff.  Once you've applied we'll actually be talking, not anonymously chatting online. This is a very real opportunity!


When I schedule a shoot I invite models and women I think will be a good fit. Submitting your application does not obligate you to do any shoots, it just gets you consideration.

Likewise, if you only want to do paid shoots, please Apply.  When I am scheduling shoots I don't have time to track down all the interested models and creators I've chatted with.  I go to my email and look at applications.  These are the only people considered for shoots.


If you accept and you'll be doing videos, you'll get an STD Screen, and must have proof of full Covid vaccination (no exceptions).  You'll bring proof of both to your shoot, along with two Government issued IDs, as will everyone else attending. You'll get yourself shaved or waxed bare (no pubic hair), and come to the shoot with sexy outfits and lingerie. 


My favorite is a black bra, black garter belt (no panties), black nylons and pumps.  If you have that available, that's awesome! 


Our shoots are in Tacoma, Washington, at nice hotel suites.  Please be on time. We will all get acquainted, I'll do my Content Creator educational session, and we will then to a fun Glamour and Nude Photo Shoot. Doing all of this before the video shoot helps us all relax and feel good - and you will feel especially good after your photo shoot.  It's fun!

After the photo shoot, those of us doing videos will be getting naked for the video shoot.  I shoot in reality style, meaning we all look into the camera and talk to it.  This is a really fun, realistic style that fans will LOVE.  And it's THE very most fun way to do videos!  Before we start we will discuss what we're doing again (because we'll discuss ahead of the shoot, too).  Your consent and comfort are the most important thing.  Remember, you aren't working for me.  We are working together, so everyone consents to what they will do.

I will absolutely respect your comfort levels and limits.  Ideally, we do girl-girl and boy-girl, oral, anal, and threesomes, but if you're not ready for that, that's fine.  If all you want to do is solo, that's perfectly fine too, as long as there is some type of interaction from me (it can be non-sexual) and my models, so we can all use the content.  I want everyone to feel good, safe, have a great time and make incredible, money making content!

Before the shoot we all sign a Content Rights Share Agreement and model releases, as we do everything legally.  I get model releases from those women who might be there just to have fun or do a one time payment shoot.  You need 2 pieces of Government issued identification.  Most models use their drivers license and Social Security card.


Do not forget to bring your IDs, along with your STD screen and your Covid vaccination card.  If you don't bring any of this we will not be able to shoot with you and you'll have to leave. 


You can expect to earn rights to 5-20 video clips and 75-100 photos for

every shoot you attend.  Once we get going you'll quickly realize how much fun you are having and how absolutely great it all feels!  And, of course, you will benefit financially from doing videos, in a very big way! 

Here's a video of me having fun with Klara. There are more videos on the Swedish and Sensual Massage page if you would like to see more. This is just a sample for you, and of course the video was not shot in our current, reality / engaging style, but it's something fun to check out. 

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