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Fucking For Fun - Fulfill Your Fantasies!


Variety Is The Spice Of Life, and we would just love to help you experience that!

Are you married, or in a long term relationship? 


Have things gotten stale and boring at home? 

Are there experiences you want to have that your husband can't give you? 


Are you not being satisfied at home? 


Or, are you just wanting to experience what you have always wanted and desired? 

My name is Jeff Harder, and I am here to help!


I'm Jeff Harder, from Tacoma, Washington.  By now I am sure you are familiar with my background 

in porn and videos.  I'm a free spirit, very uninhibited, believe in fully experiencing life and

absolutely, totally adore women - especially married women.

Did you know that nearly every woman who has done a video or experienced a swinging encounter 

with me was married?  I was very initially surprised, but as I came to know these married women 

I learned a lot about them.  After years of being married and faithful to one man, they had 

reached a point where they wanted the fulfillment they craved, as well as to experience their 

fantasies, finally and fully.  We only live once, so why not? 


Me, I don't want to look back on my life and regret not experiencing something I really wanted to do. 

How About You?


Mindy (first photo) was in her late 40s, had been married 22 years and could only experience strong, squirting orgasms through anal sex.  Her husband consistently refused to even go near Mindy's ass, so when she had enough she got ahold of me.  I adore married women and told Mindy I would give her what she needed.  A few days later I met her at a nice hotel, where she was shaved bare, wearing a black bra, black garter and nylons, and had her ass nice and clean by doing a double enema.  Mindy was wearing her wedding ring, which I insist on, and though she was nervous about her first extramarital sex, Mindy was very much ready to go and have fun.

Mindy wanted to be submissive and do whatever I told her, a fantasy of hers.  I told her to get on the bed in a doggy 

style position, then I tongued and ate her ass.  Mindy started coming immediately, gasping, her squirting juices 

soaking the bed and my face.  It was awesome!  I had her suck my cock, then plunged it into her ass, all the way. 

Mindy gasped and came more, and as I fucked her ass I frequently pulled my cock out and told Mindy to suck on 

it, which she gleefully did.  I repeated this changing it up many times, what we call "ass to mouth."  This 

gorgeous, deserving married woman absolutely loved our time together and came dozens of times!  We met for 

Round 2 later on, and it was lots of fun and even nastier than the first time!

Melissa (second photo) was only 22 years old and got married at 18.  She told me her husband was hardly fucking her anymore because, according to him, her tits were too small.  What an asshole!  I knew right then I had to fuck this nice young gal, and do her better than her husband ever had.  She deserved it!  And besides, I love all kinds of women, and particularly love  petite, small breasted women like Melissa. 


After talking back and forth for quite awhile, getting comfortable, I met Melissa at her home, while her husband was at work.  I got her naked right away, ate her pussy and ass for a long time (Melissa LOVED the ass eating) .  I face fucked Melissa, then sunk my cock into her wet, waiting pussy.  Melissa started coming immediately, and had quite a few orgasmsThen I surprised Melissa by sinking my cock deep into her ass, something she'd never even tried before.  But guess what?  She loved it and had more and stronger orgasms during anal sex.  I think I created an anal addict!  Melissa was very satisfied, and thankful.  I hope to be able to satisfy you, too!

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So, How To Make This Happen For You? 

1.  You Apply As A ModelIn your application state you want fantasy fulfillment, like married Klara (above).  


2.  You submit screening photos, just like models do, with your application.  Everything you send 

will be held in the strictest of confidence.  

3.  I get in touch to get acquainted and build trust (discreetly, if your husband doesn't know). 


4.  We get STD screens done, since we play naturally (no condoms).  


5.  I set a date for you to come to a shoot with myself and other screened, tested models.

6.  When the day comes we meet, do some photos, then get naked and wild on camera.

Photos and videos you appear in are private, and only uploaded to private membership platforms 

like OnlyFans.  The material will not be indexed by search engines or be publicly viewable.

You get to get naked, get wild and do everything you want, without worry!


It's All About Having Fun!

I will thoroughly spoil you, usually starting with a sensual massage.  


You will feel more alive and excited than you ever have!  

I will eat your pussy and ass, suck on your nipples and fuck you in every 

way that your want, including anal sex.  You will feel SO great!  


And you will likely have more orgasms than you have ever had before!  


If you want to do women, multiple men or anything else, I can make it happen! 

You Can Do This Once or Many Times - It's All Up To You!

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