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Can I Be Hired For Private Photo and/or Video Shoots?

The Answer is YES!


How About Fantasy Encounters For Ladies Looking For Fun?

The Answer is YES!


All Women Are Special!

If there's anything I truly love in life it's spoiling women in ways they've never been spoiled before. Yes, you are special!  All ladies are, and you deserve the very best in life, including exciting, erotic experiences you've probably only dreamed and fantasized about. Are you not fulfilled?  Are there things you've really wanted to do, but never had the chance?  Life is short - it's time to go for it!


Swinging Encounters and Fantasy Fulfillment

What's your fantasy?  To be fucked by a porn star?  To do things you haven't done or want more of, like anal sex, having more orgasms than you can count, maybe a threesome, having sex on camera, doing a sexy photo shoot and made to feel truly appreciated, beautiful and special?  Or something else?

I love women so much and want to make your fantasies reality, to meet and exceed your needs, with no strings attached.  I am a gentleman - but I also happen to truly love women, especially you married ladies, and love to give you what you need, making you cum over and over and over again.

It doesn't matter to me if you're thin or have a Mom Bod, if you have big breasts or tiny breasts, or if you're 18 years old, 50, or somewhere in between.  As long as you're shaved or waxed bare, STD free (like me), fun loving and ready for a special experience and to fulfill your dreams, I'm here for you!

If you are married or in a committed relationship, don't worry, what I offer you is special fun with someone who will never be a threat to your relationship.  You'll love your time with me, but when it's over it's over - unless you decide to come back for more, of course . . . Mindy (see the pic below) came to me because she was very frustrated with her husband of 22 years.  Only able to have strong orgasms through anal sex, Mindy's husband had always refused to do it for her, so Mindy decided to go elsewhere for what she wanted and needed.  I had a great time fucking her ass and having her do ass to mouth on me.  What a great day!  Later we did round 2, and got a lot nastier, with more orgasms than before!

Are you ready to have some fun?  Let's get acquainted and see what happens!  We can do this with total discretion and privacy, your husband can watch or we can send him pics and videos, you can do a video with me and others, or you can get a Sensual Massage with more fun to follow!

It's all your choice.  I can't wait to hear from you!


Submit An Application To Get The Process Started

* Explain in the comments section what you would like to do.


Glamour and Nude Photo Shoots

Experience the thrill of modeling without actually becoming a model!

We do what you want to do.  Clothed, glamour, nude or explicit.


Cost: $400 and Up

FREE if you shoot content with us and sign a release!


Submit An Application To Get The Process Started*

* Explain in the comments section that you're hiring me, versus applying to model.


Explicit Photo and Video Shoots

Want to experience your porn fantasy without becoming a porn star?


You can hire me to film you and your partner.


You can hire me to do a video with you, with or 

without your husband being present.

You can hire me to shoot content for you.

Cost: $800 and Up

FREE if you shoot content with us and sign a release!


Submit An Application To Get The Process Started*

* Explain in the comments section that you're hiring me, versus applying to model.


Sensual Massage Sessions

In The Mood For Something Different?


My Sensual Massage Sessions Are Awesome!

Cost: $400 and Up

Fucking Klara After Her Sensual Massage.  This Was Her Very First Extramarital Sex, and Her Husband Watched.  Fun!


Due to the requirements of the Congressional Sex Trafficking Act of 2018, all nude and sexually explicit photos and videos, even private ones, do require a release and identification from everyone.