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Sensual massage sexual massage sex encounter private affairs for single and married women in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and all over the Puget Sound region of Washington.  Get spoiled, have great sex, get fucked privately and get all the pleasure and orgasms you need!

Swedish and Sensual Massage


Ladies, if you want to be spoiled like never before, this is it!


Emily Rose here, and I have to admit, I've never met a guy like Jeff Harder.  We had been friends for years when, one night, he mentioned something about a site called FetLife.  I was intrigued and had many questions.  This is when Jeff told me he'd done amateur porn videos for a very long time, and that now he was into swinging and looking to do OnlyFans, too.


I was so excited to hear all this awesome, open, sexual stuff from my friend!  I've always been sexually open and had some threesomes and bi sex in the past, but I had never done porn (even though I've always wanted to), and never knew anyone who could give a mind blowing Swedish Massage and a multiple orgasm inducing sensual massage.  I was amazed at how arousing the experience was, how I was more excited than ever before, and the dozens of orgasms I had.  Wow!  Every woman needs to experience this!  


Jeff is a truly unique guy who just loves women.  His massage sessions last several hours and are all about you, your pleasure, your arousal and your orgasms.  Please be shaved or waxed bare (no pubic hair at all) and STD free.  If you are married, be sure to wear your wedding ring - that's something Jeff absolutely loves!  It's a good idea to do a double or triiple enema beforehand, because Jeff loves eating ass.  He even got his tongue inside mine!

Sometimes women just want a massage, without sex, and that's fine. Jeff does charge for his services in this situation, but it will be money very well spent and a time you will never forget!

Klara 046 (1)_edited.jpg

Check out Jeff spoiling Klara, a married lady from our area.

She wanted to fulfill her fantasy of having sex with a man while her husband watched.  Jeff took care of that for her, but not before spoiling her with a Swedish and Sensual Massage session.  You are special and you deserve this too!   

Here are some videos from Klara's massage session - enjoy!

Jeff loves to take photos and videos during massage sessions.


If you pay for a session you own rights to the images.  


If you sign a release everything is free!

We can also skip photos and videos, if you prefer.  

Are You Ready To Be Spoiled And Have Dozens Of Orgasms?


Jeff has a strong preference for slender and thin women, like me, but he's open to all, especially married women with Mom Bods.  As long as you are STD free and Shaved or Waxed Bare (no pubic hair at all), you are perfect!  Boob size doesn't matter either.  Just come prepared to have the time of your life!

Get naked, get fucked and have fun with porn stars in Tacoma, Seattle, Olympia and lots of other places.  Let's have some fun!

Are you ready? Complete an Application and submit screening photos, as requested on the application page.  Your photos and information will be held in strict confidence, and if you change your mind just let Jeff know and he will delete it all.

  Emily Rose

Sex in Tacoma for single and married women.  Get fucked by a porn star and have fun!
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