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Swedish and Sensual Massage

Spoil Yourself Like Never Before!


Hi!  I'm Jeff Harder, from Tacoma, Washington.  If you have explored the site at all, you already know I am a real lover of women.  There's nothing I enjoy more than making a woman feel very special, as well as thoroughly spoiled.  The better you feel, the more excited you are, the more alive you are, the more orgasms you have, the better I feel.  My pleasure comes from your pleasure, and helping you to feel better than you ever have before is what I love doing most. 


You will feel loved, treasured and adored, and very likely feel better and more taken care of than you ever have. 


My Swedish and Sensual Massage Sessions will make you feel more alive and excited than you ever have.  I've practiced my massage technique for over 20 years, most often with married women looking for a highly erotic experience and spoiling that they're lacking at home, and sometimes with models prior to my porn shoots.  I start with a very nice, relaxing, Swedish massage, using oils and deep tissue massage. 

Keep in mind, I do this for fun and as a free service for women who want a truly special experience.  I love to video and photograph sessions, but the images will never be seen on the internet unless the woman signs a model release.  And even then, the images and videos will likely be only on our OnlyFans, where very few will see them.


Slowly I transition from the Swedish Massage into very light touches and strokes, the sensual portion.  This is when your body literally electrifies and comes alive like never before.  As with the Swedish massage, the sensual massage covers your entire naked body, except for your your most erogenous zones. 


Though you'll likely want your nipples, pussy and ass to get attention too, I tend to deny that and save it for last.  Sorry, we don't skip to the good part!  Anticipation is a great thing!  You'll also find I am very sensual and intimate, while still respecting your marriage or relationship.  You will feel loved, adored, wanted and very special.  

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You will have multiple orgasms during the sensual massage - everyone does.  You will feel better and more turned on than you ever have before!  You will be more excited and more wet than you ever have in your life.  Your pussy will be wet, and very possibly your juices will be literally flowing from you.  This is close to the culmination of a process that makes you more sexually excited and satisfied than you could ever imagine or even dream of feeling!   

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Eventually I will give give you sexual attention, licking, kissing and nibbling on your nipples, licking your clit, eating your pussy and even eating your ass - which will drive you absolutely wild.  This only happens if you want it, but that always happens, just as it did with married Mom Klara.  You will just keep coming and coming . . . 

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By this point, after an hour or two of slow lead up and pure pleasure, you will probably want my cock in your mouth, just like Klara, who had never had extramarital sex before and had never had sexual photos or videos taken of her.  Klara's husband watched it all and took photos and videos, which Klara found a real turn on, as her fantasy was to have sex with someone she'd just met and to make her husband watch her get fucked.  Klara's massage session helped her get over her nerves and we all had a great time.  Though I prefer one on one sessions because of the level of intimacy involved, I sometimes don't mind husbands being present to watch.  I'm a nasty and kinky guy, huh? 

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Klara is cumming over and over here as she rides my cock, l pinch and pull on her nipples and she fingers her asshole.  WOW!  Klara squirted several times, a first for her, soaking my cock, my balls and the bed sheet.  It was so damned awesome!


This is me (Jeff) in the photos with Klara - but just so you know, I have lost weight and have a full head of hair since we had this incredible day together.  Klara didn't care about looks - it was technique and expertise that mattered most to her, as I think it does to all of us.  


Wouldn't YOU like to be so spoiled?  Most women never get to enjoy a truly special day like this, but you know what?  It's better to experience life when you can, rather than look back later in life and regret what you didn't do or try.   I would love to spoil you!  

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After lots of sex, Klara sucked me off, then jacked my cock until I came. She wanted me to cum on her tits, but I much prefer coming in a woman's ass or her mouth, so we kind of compromised.  It was a great finish!  If you look closely, you'll see the cum, which Klara happily ate up.  But this is far from all about fucking - it's about treating you to an experience you otherwise will not have, spoiling you like never before and treating you like the very special woman you are.  You deserve this!   

Here's a video of part of Klara's Sensual Massage. 


Wouldn't you love to get spoiled like this? 


To feel more alive, appreciated, desired and taken care of than ever?


Yes, we can make it happen! If you are married or involved, don't worry, because even though this is highly intimate, no feelings are involved. It's just two human beings experiencing pure pleasure, and it's a great thing!   

After her massage Klara began sucking my cock. In reality, I ate her pussy and ass first, but her husband was so turned on watching me with his wife that he took a break to masturbate and come all over the floor.  Seriously! 


Klara really shows off her wedding ring while she sucks my cock, which is something I really like. We had so much fun - and you can, too!  

Photos and videos are preferred, but not required.  

Here's a video of Klara and I having sex after her Massage and we finished up with oral sex and foreplay.  Klara had MANY orgasms.  It was so awesome! 


Why Not Treat Yourself?  I keep myself healthy and am always fully tested for STDs.  I just LOVE giving women an incredibly special and erotic experience, and giving them more orgasms than they could ever imagine having in a day.  You deserve to be treated like the special, beautiful, desirable woman you are. 

I do love to film and photograph massage sessions, but if you are camera shy I might be willing to do this privately, especially if you are married and wearing your wedding ring when we are together (sorry, not sorry, it's my thing!).  


 You will cum many times from your massage (most women have dozens of 

orgasms), and when the massage is over you will be more excited and wet 

than you have ever been.  Don't worry, if you want to have sex you'll get 

it, with a lot of variety and many more orgasms, too.  Here's Asian MILF 

Nancy, of Seattle, getting a good post massage fucking.


I am very big on body acceptance (attention to all you Moms out there!), but like my models I must insist that you be Shaved or Waxed Bare (no pubic hair at all).  If you don't shave, start early to get good at it, and take advantage of free shaving instructions online.  Even better, trim your hair very short, then get a Full Brazilian Wax at a salon before we meet.  You'll look and feel perfect!

Are you ready to have the time of your life? Complete an Application and submit screening photos, as requested on the page.  Your photos and information will be held in strict confidence, and if you change your mind I will delete it all.