Swedish and Sensual Massage


Hi!  I'm Jeff Harder, from Tacoma, Washington.


I am a gentleman who absolutely, positively adores women.  Since the 1990's I have been practicing the art of Swedish and Sensual Massage.  I started with it when I was doing porn videos and new, first timers needed special treatment to relax them and get in the mood.


I learned SO much about the bodies of women and how to make them more excited than they'd ever been.  I got so good at massage that most women had dozens of orgasms, more than they ever had before, and soon all the models doing shoots wanted massages, too.  


You are special and beautiful, and you deserve a highly erotic, mind blowing experience that will make you feel more alive and spoiled than ever before.  I'm here to give that to you!


If you want to be treated like a princess and spoiled like never before, I do my massage sessions at no cost if you are into swinging and will want to have sex after your massage session.  Please be shaved or waxed bare (no pubic hair at all) and STD free.  If you are married, be sure to wear your wedding ring - that's something I would love!

If you just want a massage session, I do these for $400, which includes the cost of a very nice, private location (hotel).  Be prepared to spend 3-4 hours with me.  I am never in a hurry and like to take my time, building sexual tension at the right moment, resulting in enhanced excitement and more orgasms than you can count!

Klara 046 (1)_edited.jpg

So are you ready to be thoroughly spoiled and cum more than you ever have?


I would love to help you experience that!  Don't worry about sex - if you just want a massage experience, that's fine with me.  For me, pleasuring a woman to an incredibly high level is very special and my number one goal, always.  You deserve this!   


Here are some videos from Klara's massage session - enjoy!

I love to take photos and videos during massage sessions and swinging encounters.


If you pay for a session you own rights to the images.  


If you sign a release everything is free!

We can also skip photos and videos, if you prefer.  

Are You Ready To Be Spoiled And Have Dozens Of Orgasms?


While I prefer slender women for video shoots, I appreciate all women and am very open when it comes to massage sessions and private shoots.  As long as you are STD free and Shaved or Waxed Bare (no pubic hair at all), I'm interested!  You can be thin, athletic, average or have a Mom Bod, have huge boobs or no boobs.  You are welcome here, and I'd love to hear from you!


I've done massage sessions with women from 18 to 55 years of age - just check out the ladies below who've loved their massage experience with me.  My favorite memories are of treating married women to a mind blowing massage session.  In most cases they go so wild they wind up having a wet, nasty sex session with me, too.  Even if that doesn't happen, I'll be very satisfied knowing that I did helped you feel as special as you truly are.


Are you ready? Complete an Application and submit screening photos, as requested on the application page.  Your photos and information will be held in strict confidence, and if you change your mind I will delete it all.