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The very best opportunity in today's adult industry and modeling world is Content Creator.

When you become a Content Creator you are in business for yourself, using private, closed sites like OnlyFans to monetize your content.  You earn long term income with exponential growth.  Why get paid once when you can make money forever!

But you need help, from exceptional quality content to business knowledge, which is so important.  We're here to help you with everything!

Join Our Content Shoot Group Today - You'll Be Glad You Did!

There really isn't such a thing as a Content Creator School, but there should be!  For every lady who becomes moderately to highly successful as a Content Creator, there are 99 who absolutely fail.


Why?  Because they don't have the knowledge needed to produce great content and effectively market it.  In the U.S. 94% of new businesses fail within 2 years.  This happens for the same reason Content Creators fail - they do not possess the knowledge they need to become successful.  You can take the "I create my own content" route, not stand out from the crowd and struggle, or you can do shoots with us at no cost to you and thrive!

I want to help you become successful!  


When you join our Content Collaboration shoots you not only earn valuable, lifetime rights to everything you appear in, you get a real education, too, just as you would at a Content Creator School, if there was one!

Here's just some of what you'll learn:

  • How to effectively market and drive paying fans to your platforms

  • How to successfully do fan engagement, to retain your fans

  • How to stay legal and stay out of trouble

  • How to produce very high quality content that really sells

Here are some very basic do's and don'ts:

1. DO use TikTok!  This is the one app that can really explode interest in you.  Do not use TikTok to ask people to join your OnlyFans or to promote your OnlyFans in any way.  Instead, use it to get people interested in YOU!  Make creative, fun reels.  Look at reels on IG, Facebook and TikTok to get ideas.  People wanting to find out more about you can go to your IG or Twitter, where they will discover a link to your platform(s).  

2.  DO use Instagram!  But do not use IG to promote your OnlyFans.  Promoting adult material or providing links to adult material will get you banned from Instagram.  The most successful creators on IG use the platform to get people interested in them, by posting fun, engaging, sexy content, but they do not even talk about OnlyFans or whatever platforms they use and they do not use #OnlyFans hash tags.  Using your IG to promote your adult platforms is a great way to lose your account or be shadow banned.  Use for your link on your profile.  Do not use a direct link to OnlyFans or other adult platforms.  If you make mistakes you'll get banned.

3.  DO use Twitter!  Twitter is a great place to augment your TikTok and IG marketing.  Be sure to set your Twitter settings to "Sensitive Content," which will allow you to post nudes and even hardcore content without risking a Twitter ban.  If you post nudes or hardcore and your Tweets are not set with the sensitive content warning, you will get banned.

4.  DO follow U.S. Laws and Platform Policies!  U.S. federal laws require a model release and I.D. of everyone appearing in nude or sexually explicit material.  On OnlyFans, anyone appearing with you in a photo or video needs to be tagged with his or her OnlyFans handle, or you need to have a model release and IDs from the person, and upload them to OnlyFans for approval. 


If you post material you're not legally allowed to post you could face one or more federal felony charges.  At a minimum, OnlyFans (or whatever platform you are using) will eventually learn you are posting material without complying with the TOS (terms of service).  You'll lose your account and get banned.

5.  DO NOT Cover Your Face or Try To Hide Your Identity!


If there's one thing many content creators have in common it's a lack of knowledge, which of course we're here to help you with.  While OnlyFans allows creators to post material with their faces obscured, covered or cropped out, OnlyFans is located in England and abides by British laws.

You are located in the United States, produce your material here and upload it from here, so you are subject to U.S. federal laws.  If you try to hide your identity in any way (hiding or covering your face), you could be indicted for federal felonies under the 2018 Congressional Anti-Sex Trafficking Act, as well as federal law 18 USC 2257.  Do you want to risk going to prison?

I've had a couple models think it's okay to hide their identities because they see other people do it.  This is a dangerous way of thinking.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse, and because someone else commits a crime doesn't mean you can commit the same crime without penalty.

There's SO much you need to know!


We are here to help you, with everything. 


Be smart.  Get educated.  Learn the law.  Learn about production.  Become a professional.   I'd love to help!

Jeff Harder

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